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For Goodness Cakes

Fork Deli Patisserie

The perfect mid-term pick-me-up, right next to UCL

Instagram appeal: 8/10
Fork’s large windows and high ceiling make for great natural lighting.
Edginess: 6/10
The occasional UCL hipster, but definitely more mainstream than edgy.
Good For:
Cake or a delicious and good-value lunch.
Most Likely to Meet:
UCL students or actual 9-5 workers (omg) on lunch breaks.
Affordability: 7/10
At £2.50 for a flat white/cappuccino/latte, Fork is definitely good value for money (also don’t forget student discount!)

We’ve reached that point in the term – you’re tired (how is it only week six?), you’re craving that sweet, sweet caffeine hit and a lunch venue/coffee house/deli more than a 10 minute walk from UCL is almost definitely out of the question. Look no further, a visit to Marchmont Street’s Fork Deli Patisserie is the perfect mid-term pick-me-up – the cakes are ridiculously good, it’s not too far from UCL and most importantly, there’s a magical 10% student discount.

Having heard good things about Fork’s famous quiche, carrot cake and array of savoury croissants, I asked Kathy – my oldest friend and GDL student – to brave the trek from Farnham to the Big City (a bleak train journey I know all too well from my commuting days last term) in aid of #forgoodnesscakes. Fork’s unusual wooden décor (white wood-panelled walls and some ridiculously good artwork), buzzing atmosphere (I actually witnessed a genuine fight for a table, no word of a lie) and mouth-watering lunch selection (bagels, croissants, English muffins, salads – you name it) make for an unforgettable experience that’ll have you returning time and time again.

Whilst my flat white (adventurous, I know) was nice but not exactly the stuff of dreams, Fork certainly knows how to do cake. Kathy’s scone – a wholemeal, slightly crunchier version – and my (gluten free) orange and almond cake were both excellent choices. The carrot cake and nutty chocolate brownie were also extremely tempting options (basically I wanted everything), and the fact that most of the cakes are baked in-house is enough to impress the pickiest of cake-eaters. If you’re after something lunch-y, the saffron and chilli chowder is absolutely delicious – served with a slice of seeded bread, it’s the ideal guilt-free option if you don’t fancy a brie/mozzarella/gruyere croissant. If you’re not into coffee, don’t panic – Fork offers a great selection of cold drinks (juices, San Pellegrino and coconut water) and various different tea infusions.

With its French, rustic and edgy-industrial vibe, Fork is the perfect place to avoid the chaos of the Print Room Café without travelling too far from UCL. Ideal for a slice of delicious cake, a coffee date or an afternoon of work (they have wifi and plugs!), you certainly won’t be disappointed by this little gem.

85 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AL

Fork Deli Patisserie Reviewed by on February 19, 2015 .

The perfect mid-term pick-me-up, right next to UCL



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