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Holly’s dancing career continues

I can still count the number of hours I have danced on one hand (4 and a half to be precise) but I think it is safe to say that I am making progress. Jelle has somehow managed to lead, well drag, me around the dance floor for our whole routine.

Well, I say ‘whole routine’, but I mean the main dance-y part. We still have to sort out the intro and some dramatic, jaw-dropping ending, but we have a solid minute and a half of dancing, which we certainly didn’t have this time two weeks ago.

Jelle and I after a rehearsal

Jelle and myself after a rehearsal

But how have we come so far?

Apart from navigating around other dancing couples, Jelle has repeatedly told me to ‘slide and cross and slide and close’ and to remember to ‘hold my hold’. It will be a bloody miracle if I ever work out how to stand properly.

We have also been dancing around with headphones in our ears so we can hear our song, which must look rather bizarre to a stranger, it looked weird to me at first, but actually works a treat.

A lot of our progress though is definitely due to Daria, Jelle’s actual dance partner, for teaching me all the ‘girl’ steps, and for lending me her shoes. Isn’t it handy that we are the same size?

In between all the promenades and Vietnamese quick steps – that’s right, I know what they are – I’ve been having a great time drinking cocktails and eating Pringles. It’s a tough life.

The dress rehearsal is in a week and a half, so Jelle and I still have quite a bit of work to do to make sure the dance is perfect in time, we are ‘in it to win it’ after all!

note to self: bring more discrete socks in future

My borrowed shoes. (Note to self: bring nude coloured socks in future)

The Strictly Come London event will take place on 4th December in The Venue at Student Central (ULU), doors open at 19.00 for a 19.30 start

Tickets available for £5 and can be purchased online here (you can make a guest account)

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Holly’s dancing career continues


Holly is the former Online Editor-in-Chief of Pi Media 2014-15. When she isn't doing any of her Pi-related duties, she studies Philosophy at UCL, learns French and competes for the UCLU Horse Riding team. She even did a bit of dancing in London's Strictly Come Dancing Competition!


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