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More strangers, more kindness

 ‘V’, Second Year Zoology:

London is a place where you can easily feel lost, tiny, unconnected to your fellow citizens. Yet this story, like the last one, indicates again the helpfulness and consideration that is ever present in this wonderful metropolis.

‘One night last year, I was insanely drunk and walking over Oxford Street with a friend of mine. We had just been out and my friend was literally dragging me home. I was in a semi unconscious state, which was probably quite obvious since this bus stopped at a random place in the street – nowhere near a bus stop – and the bus driver came out to ask my friend whether I was OK. He even told her to take me to the hospital. After my friend and I – although I wasn’t really any use – reassured him that I was fine, he drove on. A few minutes later, a cab suddenly stopped near us and the cabby asked whether I needed some water. All this attention from random people out of pure concern truly surprised me. In my eyes, something so unusual could only have happened here.’

In case you were wondering: ‘V’ didn’t have to go to the hospital that night. She ended up in her own bed just fine. 

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Camilla finds out about the kindness strangers in London can show to each other, even at the dead of night



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