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Your London: Ioana’s story

Camilla brings some warmth into your week with some unexpected spontaneity and another kind act

Ioana Sandulescu, Second Year Arts and Sciences:

This story literally ‘came to me’ one evening not too long ago, while I was babysitting and rather bored. Without knowing each other, Ioana contacted me via Facebook asking whether she could share her story with me. Apparently, she had read a few of my blog posts, which had sparked her curiosity, and it turned out that she had exactly the right kind of story that would perfectly fit in with the rest. For her, the following story constitutes a crucial part of her idea of London. For me, it is another sign of how distinct everyone’s connection to London is and how important it is to keep being kind: it truly makes a difference.

‘One chilly Friday evening a month or so ago, I was going home from an afternoon spent at the library, head buried in assignments and reading. I live in North London and I always take the bus when I return home late, because it leaves me right in front of my house. Nothing was different tonight when I hopped off the bus near Tufnell Park and went home to enjoy my well-earned break from everything even remotely related to studying.

However, an hour later a Facebook message notification popped up on my phone. It was from a girl I didn’t have in my friends list, who told me she was a UCL student herself and that she had found my student ID by the bus stop. A quick check of my coat proved that she was right. She told me that she recognized the barcode on the back – it had fallen face first, obviously – and picked it up from the bus station, which wasn’t even her stop. I’ve always been quite lucky, but this was extremely unexpected even for me. I was so amazed and humbled by her kindness. Let’s face it, how many people would do what she did? It turned out she didn’t live far from me, so I went and picked up my card the following morning, barely finding the right words to thank her properly.

Her gesture was incredibly kind and saved me a lot of trouble, and what were the odds of another UCL student coming across my lost, rebellious card at a random bus stop in Tufnell Park? I guess I’m just extremely lucky (and even more clumsier, true), but I really want to make this a way of thanking Lucy for picking up my card. London does prove to be a very nice place sometimes, especially when it connects people.’

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Camilla brings some warmth into your week with some unexpected spontaneity and another kind act



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