Fashion Rental

Fashion Rental

Ellie Hibberd explores the sustainable new way of enjoying fashion

It is an all too familiar predicament to have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Swept up in today’s fast-moving consumerist society, we are quick to tire of our clothes and even quicker to replace them with new ones. Isn’t there just something so rejuvenating about stepping out in outfits fresh out of the bag? For so many people, doing so gives them confidence, excitement and even a sense of identity.

This throw-away attitude has created cause for concern regarding the environment and ethically dubious origins of fashion. It is time to start looking for alternative ways of satisfying our fashion addictions.

There are various options flying around, including vintage clothing and recycled clothes (the modern day version of ‘Make Do and Mend’).

Fashion rental, however, is by far the most interesting alternative. It may sound familiar from Sex And The City – Carrie Bradshaw’s twenty-something assistant, surviving on a low budget, acquires the latest lines of designer handbags by renting them for short periods.

Everyone must of course have their wardrobe essentials – their favourite pair of jeans, crisp white shirts, cosy jumpers. But renting allows you to indulge in the luxury of something new to wear without the guilt of it into your wardrobe only to be forgotten in a matter of months.

And what about those expensive outfits for formal events that you never have an opportunity to wear again? Or maybe you want to try a new style without having to commit to it right away. Perhaps you’re desperate to try something designer but your bank account won’t allow it. Renting clothes opens up a world of opportunities whilst cushioning the blow to the environment.

Here are some great websites to try out:


This Paris and London based business has a variety of quirky clothing on offer, and incorporates a social aspect into the rental experience through spaces set up for women to view the clothes and meet each other. You can also rent your own clothes on here!

Fashion Hire

This website focusses on handbags, with a huge range of gorgeous designer bags on offer for monthly hire. Be warned that they can still come at a hefty price.

Girl Meets Dress

This is centred on hiring formal designer dresses for special occasions, and shows you all the dresses available in time for your event. You can order up to three dresses and get a full refund for anything you don’t wear. What’s more, you get £10 off your first order and the first dress for free if you become a member for £39 a month.

Chic By Choice

This is very much the same as Girl Meets Dress, with a fabulous range of designer dresses on offer for a fraction of the retail price! You can also get £20 off your first dress!

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