Five ways to upgrade your winter wardrobe

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Five ways to upgrade your winter wardrobe

Ellie Hibberd picks out the top 5 trends to look out for on the high street in time for a winter wardrobe refresh.

As the time comes to dust off your winter coat and pull out your thickest jumpers from the back of the drawer, a little wardrobe revamp can be enough to make the prospect of gloomy winter months more bearable. Discover five trends that have made it off the runway and onto the affordable high street just in time for the temperature drop.

Arctic Outerwear

Fashion may not be known for its comfort or practicality but ever since Balenciaga sent royal blue anoraks and bright red puffer jackets down its Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 runway, fashionistas are setting their camel coats aside in favour of a look that’s more North Pole than North London. Whether you reserve it for city life in satiny baby pink or embrace the outdoorsy look with hardy black or eye-catching red, this is finally a trend that’s guaranteed to keep us warm this winter.


Credit: @balenciaga 

Vinyl Revival

Leather is taking a bit of a back seat this season as its shinier (and vegetarian-friendly) cousin takes centre stage. It’s not a trend for the light-hearted, with a tendency to look a little dominatrix, but the country’s gone mad for Alexa Chung’s black vinyl mac in her M&S Archive collection. If you’re looking for something a little less out there, pair a slick patent A-line skirt with casual knitwear or a pussy-bow blouse to offset the Matrix vibe.


Credit: @zara

Velvet Takeover

The fabric of the season, velvet is no longer reserved for once-a-year Christmas parties, and it’s really enjoying a moment in the spotlight. Whether in classy deep blue shades or girly bubble-gum pink, velvet is transitioning from evening-wear into everyday staples with slouchy bomber jackets, baggy sweatshirts and a backpack to match.

Easy Athletics

Fear not: the sporty trend of the moment doesn’t just mean cut-out dresses and racer backs à la Kendall Jenner. Trade in your smart black trousers for loose-fitting strides with bold, leg-lengthening stripes, or upgrade your cosy winter knits with red, white and blue racer stripes and sporty ring pull zips for a vintage après-ski look, without even renewing your gym membership.


Credit: @zara

Appliqué Appeal

A far cry from the demure black skinny jeans we’ve enjoyed for so long, your denim now comes customised with a myriad of brightly coloured appliqué and embroidery, from boy scout badges at Zara to colourful botanical patterns at Topshop. If you prefer your denim in its natural state, spice up a plain blue shirt or a slouchy knit with eye-catching floral stitching.


Credit: @topshop


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Ellie Hibberd offers tips for spicing up your winter wardrobe.



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