Style staples for any fresher

Style staples for any fresher

Having trouble with choosing what clothes to take to uni? Jessie So talks through some staples that will take you through the academic year ensuring comfort and style

These are a few must-have items in your wardrobe to complete any outfit. Add your own key pieces!

  1. Good quality boots

As UCL students, our lectures are likely to be in different buildings that all happen to be a substantial walk away from each other. Sturdy and comfortable footwear is therefore a must for trekking around campus all day, getting you through any weather conditions. Boots will also take you through all the seasons and from campus to club. There are so many options to choose from: suede, heeled, leather, studded, pointed … You could go for either a classic Chelsea boot or perhaps a colourful pair of Doc Martens to express your personality. Team with a pair of fluffy socks for those extra frosty days.

  1. Flannel shirt

Opt for one that is made of a decent flannel material, often seen in vintage clothing shops. Not only are they perfect for layering, but they are also good for folding and keeping in your bag, or tying around your waist for an effortless vibe if the weather changes – its England, you know it will.

  1. Watch

This isn’t necessarily for comfort, but rather functionality. It also gives you major style points, which is a bonus! Currently trending are chunky metal watches (think Michael Kors) or classic leather versions (such as Daniel Wellington watches). You don’t necessarily have to splash out either, as there are plenty to choose from on the high street. It is the ultimate accessory – it also goes well with other arm candy, such as bracelets or wristbands.

  1. Little black dress

There is a style for every body shape. For those days where you want to make an effort but don’t know what to wear, a dress can be the perfect choice. The addition of tights also keeps you warm – experiment with different patterns and thicknesses as well, for example wool tights in the winter season. You can layer a patterned cardigan or jacket over it to make your outfit stand out.

  1. Slouchy jumper

Forget the leavers’ hoodie unless you want to look like you’re stuck in the past – if you want to stay stylish but still warm, opt for a cosy knit jumper instead. To dress it up, you could layer it over a shirt with the collar peeking out, or pair with ripped boyfriend jeans for a laid back look.

  1. Statement jacket

For those days when it’s not cold enough for a winter coat, or when you fancy layering with a scarf for a chic and on trend outfit! Perfect for going out to the clubs as you can avoid the cloakroom charges by tying it around your waist, while at the same time avoiding frostbite on your way home. Your options are endless – go for a leather jacket for an edgier look, a suede jacket to keep up with this season’s trends, or the ever-versatile denim jacket. If you are feeling more daring, or are going glam for an evening look, a faux fur coat can be a staple piece too. Adding a textured jacket can instantly spice up an otherwise plain outfit, making your outfit look put together.

Other top tips:

Consider bringing a capsule wardrobe – narrow it down to the clothing items you constantly wear, which saves you bringing your whole wardrobe from home but only wearing half of it. Make sure you can mix and match all your items to produce endless outfits

You can find many bargains and unique items in charity shops – especially in areas such as Central London where you will find better stuff.

Look for discount codes before shopping online. You can sign up to UNiDAYS with your student ID to see all the latest offers in one place. Being a student doesn’t mean you can’t go shopping!

Invest for the long term – opting for items such as real leather boots, quality denim jeans or timeless pieces in general means you are shopping efficiently. Even though you spend more at first, you’ll be wearing these pieces for longer so you end up saving money. Try to spend less on trendy items and more on your staples! Think of all the Primark pieces you have bought only to throw them out a season later…

Finally, be yourself! Incorporating your personality into your fashion is the key to looking good, as you are comfortable as well as expressing yourself at the same time. Don’t be afraid of standing out and wearing what you feel good in. University is the best time to be yourself and find your style.

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