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Jemma Davoudian selects the six most addictive YouTube channels giving advice on all things stylish


Londoner Sam has great style and regularly features lookbooks, shopping-hauls and hair and make-up tutorials. Check out her second channel, TheSammiMariaShow, if you love vlogging. Sam is honest and unashamedly introverted, which is what makes her so likeable. Her gorgeous dog Riley doesn’t hurt either!


An advocate for lookbooks and OOTD’s (Outfit Of The Day for those of you uninitiated in fash-speak), which she calls ‘uniforms’, Christine focuses on a muted colour palette with some beautiful individual pieces, keeping a balance between affordable and investment items. Her videos provide great outfit inspiration.

Shirley B. Eniang

Shirley is a true all rounder, creating beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos – she’s also incredibly smart (she studies mathematics at university). The varied content she produces keeps her channel endlessly engaging.


I could honestly talk about this girl for hours. Yanin produces impeccable lookbooks and lifestyle videos, as well as writing one of my all time favourite fashion blogs. If I’m being completely frank, I basically wish I could be like her! Watch her videos, you won’t regret it.


Anna would be a great best friend/older sister. Her videos are centred around beauty and makeup (hence the name and accompanying blog) so people who love finding new products will love her. Highlights of her channel are the weekly vlogs, and her adorable friendship with LilyPebbles (a fellow YouTuber)- another reason you won’t be able to resist subscribing!


Being half Iranian myself, I feel and affinity with Barbara. She was one of the first channels I subscribed to when I began watching YouTube videos; the fact I’m still a loyal follower today is testament to how good she is. Friendly and humble, Barbara’s videos are conversational and casual rather than over edited or forced. And, as a third year university student in London, she understands the financial struggles of a student in the capital.

There are so many channels to love on YouTube, this is a mere taster of what’s out there. However, these six girls will provide you with ample procrastination-material


Featured image credit: Fank Stone, Berg Eckle

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