What do freshers think about UCL?

What do freshers think about UCL?

Jessie So, Jaguar Fungsa and Helen Dickman spoke to some first year undergrads to find out what they thought of UCL so far.

Qudsiyah Agha (Medicine)

“I feel like I’m semi-dying.”

What did you do today?
“We went to the anatomy lab today for the first time. I was really apprehensive going in. There were lots of dead bodies under blue sheets, but I think we’ll get used to it after a few months. I felt like we were thrown in the deep end a bit, but it was a really good experience to have.”

How are you finding life in London?
“I live in East London, so I’m having to be a tour guide for a lot of international students. It’s really different to here, though.”

Have you joined any societies?
“I’ve joined a few paediatrics based ones, volunteering with children. There’s a hospital nearby, and it should be really fun.”


Kafeel Channa, Rico Wong and Danny Hill (all Information Management for Business)

“Hard? Programming is. I hate programming.”

What do you think about UCL?
“It’s better than college. Bigger than college.”
“More free time.”
“UCL’s really diverse, you get to meet a lot of new people, from everywhere. That’s a new experience for me.”

Have you joined any societies?
“Athletics society.”
“I think I’m going to join the chocolate society. I really like food, so…”
“I’ve joined the film society and parkour society. I’m planning on filming and shooting a video soon!”
(After which we advised him to join PiTV)

What did you think of the freshers’ events?
“I actually couldn’t remember anything.”


Lucie Kiehl (Italian and Spanish) and Caitlyn Lomas (Geophysics)

“It was quite confusing, I didn’t actually know when freshers’ week was.”

What did you think about the freshers’ events?
“Ministry of sound was a big trek.”
“It was not a big enough club to hold everybody in it. Queues everywhere.”
“Oh, Freshers’ picnic. That was awful. We left within 20 minutes.”
“I wish they’d told us earlier on about moodle. We only got told in the first week. Then I had to read Byron in three days, and I was like how am I going to find the book, and read it!”

Have you joined any societies?
“I’ve fully committed now, and bought my rowing membership! The idea that you have to wake up early on weekends is a myth.”
“I’ve joined the gym, I’ve been a few times and I really like it. I quite like doing it at my own pace and rhymth, sort of thing.”

Thoughts on living in London/in halls?
“I love it, I think it’s so much fun. It’s just calculating it into your day, as it takes about half an hour walking or 15 minutes on the bus.”
“I like it though. It’s like you’re going home, and actually leaving UCL.”
“We’re in the best corridor. It’s been the most social corridor every year, just by chance.”

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