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And the Nominees are…

Ailbhe Ní Earráin has the insight on what went down at the Candidates’ Briefing for the UCLU Spring Elections

This evening was an exciting night in the run-up to this year’s elections, as the full list of candidates was officially announced.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from current Democracy and Communications Officer, Hannah Sketchley, who gave us the lowdown on the rules of campaigning, how the voting system works and some wise do’s and dont’s for the prospective sabbatical officers.

Firstly, we were presented with some fun facts about UCL and UCLU so that the candidates could get an idea of what they were letting themselves in for. UCL has more postgraduate students than undergraduates (18,000 vs 15,000 to be precise), one third of the UCL student population is classed as international and UCLU’s annual income is roughly £6 million.



Some simple advice was imparted on how to get elected, the transferable voting system, and how not to gain an unfair advantage over other candidates (perhaps a referral to the iPad scandal in last year’s elections), and then we were given a run down on the key dates. Campaigning begins on Monday, February 23, with voting opening on Thursday, February 26, and closing the following Thursday before the all-important results the very same day, March 5 at 6pm. Pi will be following the action closely in the lead up to the elections and keeping you up-to-date with all the latest news.

Then came the actual nominations, when candidates could finally come face-to-face with their competitors (if they had any). Some surprises included the 4 part-time positions that had no nominations (RUMS Officer, Mature & Part-Time Students’ Officer, School of Pharmacy Student Officer, and Student Trustee). Most of the candidates running for the part-time positions did so in twos, as a job share.

Then came the nominations for the full-time roles, reflecting the new 7.5 sabbatical officers structure (due to the referendum about whether the Institute of Education Officer’s position should be part-time or full-time, nominations for this position will not be announced until Monday, February 16). Unlike last year, all positions have more than one candidate running (excluding RON), making the forthcoming elections very exciting indeed, with particular competition for the role of Welfare & International Officer having five candidates running and Postgraduate Students’ Officer having four.

Drumroll please – the complete list of nominations for full-time positions is as follows:

Activities & Events Officer

  • Asad Khan
  • Ella Skinner

Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer

  • Amina Lunat
  • Sareh Heidari

Education & Campaigns Officer

  • Raquel Nunes Palmeira
  • Vlad Kardapoltsev
  • Wahida Samie

Postgraduate Students’ Officer

  • Ayooluwa Olateju
  • Kay Tabernacle
  • Suguna Nair
  • Valanto Nikolaou

Sustainability, Engagement & Operations Officer

  • David Dahlborn
  • James Simcox
  • Mohammad Ali

Welfare & International Officer

  • David Hunter
  • Dominic Meehan
  • Emma Zurcher
  • Rebecca Tyrwhitt-Drake
  • Tom Robinson

Women’s Officer

  • Helen Chandler-Wilde
  • Natalie James

Featured image: @UCLU via twitter

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Ailbhe Ní Earráin has the insight on what went down at the Candidates’ Briefing for the UCLU Spring Elections



  • Marc Ravensborough

    Vlad Kardapoltsev is running for the third time – thats what I call perseverance. Lets home he will win this time – third time lucky!


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