Are UCL students the vainest in the country?

Are UCL students the vainest in the country?

Ailbhe Ni Earrain reports on the recent study on student spending

Do UCL students enjoy preening and pampering themselves more than any other students in the country? It would certainly seem so, according to the latest findings by Amazon Student, who have released their first Amazon Student Index, showing the spending patterns of students across the UK.

The study has unveiled that University College London students take pride in their appearance after being shown to spend the most money on beauty and male grooming products.

Surely, this can only be a compliment? Shouldn’t we take pride in our appearance and our personal hygiene standards?

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Amazon Student is a membership programme from for higher education students. They have compiled this information for the first time ever in 2014 to analyse students’ spending habits. The Student Index has been released recently to give freshers an insight of what to expect from their new university.

Meanwhile, King’s College London students have been labelled the most studious  students, purchasing more academic textbooks that any other students in the UK, whilst Imperial College London earns the title of most sporty (really?), spending the most money on sports equipment.

Not satisfied with simply one title, UCL has also earned the title of ‘DIY extraordinaire’, with students keeping their accommodation in the best condition possible, spending the most money on home improvement products (This might be related to the dire living conditions us broke London students have to suffer).

Using the top-selling products bought by university students this year, the following purchasing patterns have been identified:

Academic books – King’s College London

Clothing – University of Nottingham

Shoes – University of Warwick

Beauty/Grooming products – University College London

Toys – University of Manchester (???)

Music – University of Nottingham

DVDs – University of Nottingham (again?)

Video Games – Cardiff University

PCs and Electronics – University of Manchester

Sports Equipment – Imperial College London

Home Improvement Products – University College London

The north-south divide is also evident, with students in the north splashing their cash on having fun by buying clothes and gadgets, whereas those studying in the capital make more practical purchases, forking out on books, sports gear and tools.

The Vice President of EU Retail at Amazon, Xavier Garambois comments, “Starting university can be an expensive time; whether it’s the initial outlay on text books or homewares for new halls, there’s plenty that students need for their new life. Amazon Student is designed to help students save on their spending, whilst also offering them the very best TV shows, movies and books. Freshers can now arrive at university equipped with essential insights into the culture of their campus.”

To sign up with Amazon Student, go to, provide your university e-mail address and complete the validation process. Amazon Student is giving students who sign up the chance to win some prizes worth up to £3,000 (until 25 October). For more information, click here.


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