Did you just miss out on the most exciting UCLU event of the year? No.

Did you just miss out on the most exciting UCLU event of the year? No.

Ben Monteith reports on the UCLU Autumn elections results

The results of the UCLU Autumn elections were announced at a ‘results party’ that featured crisps, dried fruit and a pitcher of Pimms, presumably present solely to justify calling the evening a party.

With 2919 ballots cast, the Democracy and Communications Officer, Hannah Sketchley, was delighted to proclaim victory in turnout over KCLSU’s autumn elections, which is, essentially, the point of democracy.

There was further reason to celebrate the democratic triumph as this year’s number of ballots cast was over a 1000 more than last year, which led to confusion over how so many people actually knew UCLU even had autumn elections.

Usually mostly uncontested, this year’s elections were surprising in how many candidates there actually were. With over 60 people running, some for multiple positions, one great shock came in the race to be one of six delegates to the NUS conference, in which 18 brave souls felt sufficient passion for the National Union of Students to want to spend three days in that bastion of student politics. Similarly, 17 students heard the call of the UCLU Trustee board, although only five of those met quoracy, leading RON to raise its awkward head.


The autumn elections also offer the chance to run for Faculty and Halls representatives, positions in the Postgraduate Association, and the position of Disabled Students’ Officer. In a bid to mix things up and make democracy exciting again, the DCO and Activities and Events Officer, Sabeeh Imran Rasool, took turns in announcing the results, with Sabeeh also serving to quieten the crowd when it got too rowdy.

Either way, the increased number of ballots and candidates was a promising start to the democratic year, and – if the pitcher of Pimms was anything to go by – this year’s going to be a wild and rocky ride.


Image credits: Ben Monteith

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