Emerging Reports of UCLU Election Fraud

Emerging Reports of UCLU Election Fraud

Finn Corrigan and Beth Perkin on the allegations of voting fraud in the Spring Elections

After a long week of campaigning, the UCLU elections have come to an end. However, reports have recently emerged of election fraud. Hours before the election results were announced on Thursday evening, an emergency disciplinary hearing was called between Union Chair Mohamad Fahed and other Union officials. This was as a result of complaints made to the Union surrounding voter fraud and manipulation, specifically by candidates with Islamic Society affiliation.

Throughout the week the aggressive campaign tactics of some candidates were on full show. Rumours have been circulating that voters have been convinced to sign in to vote for a specific candidate on iPads provided by campaigners, only to later discover via email that, without their knowledge, votes had been cast for multiple other positions. This is likely due to the fact that they had not logged out on the iPad, or that someone else was, quite simply, inputting the votes for them. If proven true, some of these actions would constitute a criminal offence.

Exact details of the meeting are yet to emerge and it is unclear whether it was called in connection to these rumours. However, Pi can confirm that Asad Khan was deducted one percent of his total votes for violation of electoral regulations. This did not effect the overall outcome of the vote, nor any other positions – Asad still won the position of Activities and Events Officer.

Questions are now being raised as to whether the actions taken by the Union were appropriate given the serious and widespread nature of these allegations. Union Chair Mohamad Fahed and other Union officials in attendance have been contacted by Pi for comment and we are awaiting response.

More to come.

Finn Corrigan and Beth Perkin