Hare Krishna might be evicted from SOAS

Hare Krishna might be evicted from SOAS

The Hare Krishna’s food stand used by countless students over the years might be forced to leave its prized spot outside the main SOAS entrance.

The Hare Krishna stall, which is used by students from all the main universities in Bloomsbury, has been outside the SOAS main entrance for the past 15 years.

The food stand is part of the Food for All Project, which seeks to provide food anywhere within a ten mile radius of a Hare Krishna temple, and feeds about 700 people a day.

Prema Hare, a Hare Krishna, was cited in a petition to stop the stand from moving, saying that “we don’t really understand why they want to kick us off campus, but it all started after they finished the new Senate House building.”

He added “we think they want us off their campus because we are taking business away from the nearby cafeterias.”

Notwithstanding Prema Hare’s speculations, a SOAS spokesman has said that they “have no intention of preventing the stall from serving food.”

The stall has often been advertised by the university itself, casting it as one of the attractions of its campus.

Despite what may seem like reassuring remarks, students and the Hare Krishna are still unsure about the future of their stalls.

Featured image: SOAS

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