Institute of Education referendum doesn’t pass

Institute of Education referendum doesn’t pass

Sam Fearnley reports on the Institute of Education referendum

The January 2015 referendum, titled “Should UCLU change its Bye-Laws to incorporate a full-time officer for the Institute of Education in the year 2015-16?”, has not passed.

Because of this, UCLU will hire only a part-time Institute of Education officer, rather than a full-time one, meaning that next year there will be 7.5 sabbatical officers.

UCLU announced the results by twitter:

98 people voted in the online referendum poll, meaning turnout was only 0.3% of all the people who hold membership to the union. This was much smaller than the 5% which was required for the referendum to pass.

Of the 98 ballots, 81 were a yes vote, 15 were a no vote, and there were two abstentions.

In a statement on the UCLU website, the union said that more information would be available soon.

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