Institute of Education students are hoping a new referendum will give them greater support

Institute of Education students are hoping a new referendum will give them greater support

Sam Fearnley reports on the new Institute of Education referendum

On Tuesday 20th January, UCLU held an emergency council meeting. The controversial result of the meeting was that the number of Sabbatical officers would be reduced from 10 to 7.5. The 0.5 comes from a part-time Institute of Education officer. The post would be funded, but paid for by Institute of Education funds.

Concerns have been raised that one part-time position is not enough.

There was also worry that the Institute of Education would be marginalised in the face of the so-called ‘UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan’.

Later in the evening, an emergency motion was put forward, which called for a referendum to allow all students of the IOE to have their say, implying the creation of a full time IOE officer.

The vote concluded that a referendum would be held, although current Democracy and Communications Officer Hannah Sketchley confirmed that the referendum would not affect this year’s round of elections.

The official referendum question is: ‘Should UCLU change its Bye-Laws to incorporate a full-time officer for the Institute of Education in the year 2015-16?’

The referendum should help the Institute of Education gain the attention and resources it needs during its first few of years as a part of UCL, as staff and students within UCL prepare for the transition period between the official merger and full integration.

Three open meetings will be held, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week, and all details can be found here.

Online voting will open at midday on Thursday 29th January 2015, and close at midday on the following Monday 2nd February 2015.

The result will be announced at 14:00 on the UCLU website, again on Monday 2nd February.

Image credit: IOE Intoffice

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