Student served worm infested food at UoL catered halls

Student served worm infested food at UoL catered halls

Worms included in meals at the newly opened University of London catered accommodation, Garden Halls.

A worm was discovered in the food of one of University of London’s most sought after student accommodations.

A resident at UoL’s Garden Halls found the insect in their baked potato. They immediately took a picture of it and uploaded it to the halls’ Facebook page. It has since been taken down.

The University of London has taken responsibility for the incident and is investigating it with the catering company, Aramark.

Garden Halls opened recently in September 2016 and is considered to have “outstanding facilities designed to meet the needs of modern students”.It is located in the central Bloomsbury area and has over 1000 rooms and caters for students across London.

The halls look out over the exclusive Cartwright Gardens park and the perks include four tennis courts, a music room, courtyards, games rooms and a cinema room. Room prices ranging from £189.39 to £258.65. 

Garden Halls, earlier this academic year, was the centre of another food scandal. A King’s College Student found a wood chip in his chickpea korma. He said that at first he  “didn’t think it could be” but then opened it up and “could see the fibrous fracture line”.

Featured image:  University of London Accommodation

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