The banners are out

The banners are out

John Bilton reports on the week ahead regarding the UCLU Spring Elections

Posters and graffitied bedsheets are to be seen on every corner of campus, meaning that campaigning has officially begun for the UCLU Spring Elections, with 20 candidates standing for seven sabbatical officer positions and 18 candidates standing for part-time positions.

Further information on the candidates can be found here. On top of the list of candidates unveiled by Pi last week, we now know that 2 candidates will be running for the position of the Institute of Education Students’ Officer, Valanto Nikolaou and Susan McGrath.

We’ll be posting full analyses of the candidates’ manifestos, which can be found here, throughout the week.

Online voting for all members of UCLU opens this Thursday, February 26th, at 10am and will close at 10am the following Thursday, March 5.

Featured image: @UCLU

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