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UCL Accommodation rejects student ultimatum asking for 10% rent cut

UCL Accommodation rejects student ultimatum asking for 10% rent cut

As a result first-year UCL students are threatening to refuse to pay their rent. UCL Management was also presented with a petition with around 500 signatures that was ignored.

The UCL Cut the Rent movement is not satisfied with the results of last year’s rent strikes and now says there is a probability “of future rent strikes”.

A spokesperson from the national network of the Cut the Rent groups has said that “UCL management have again refused to take meaningful action” and “the only way to respond is to start building for potential rent strike action”.

Two weeks ago UCL’s Head of Accommodation, Duncan Palmer, said that by paying the rent students are “investing in the future and it will continue for the students next year”.

Students claim UCL management hasn’t changed their policies since last year and rent is still very high. A Fine Art UCL student says students spend “the majority, if not all, of our student loans on rent”.

Cut the Rent groups have been set up in universities all around England in response to rising rent, increasing cost of living and potentially rising tuition fees. At Goldsmiths after last year’s Cut the Rent Strike the rent was decreased by 35%.

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Isabella H. de Carvalho