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UCL receives key donation in the fight against rare motor-neurone disease

UCL receives key donation in the fight against rare motor-neurone disease

UCL has just been given a donation that could help in the fight against a rare, and very harmful, disease.

Dorset charity KD-UK (Kennedy’s Disease) has just granted £80,000 to a UCL research team in order to advance their analysis of the aforementioned condition. The disease causes degeneration to motor neurons, resulting in muscle weakness and cramps.

The UCL research team who were awarded the grant is the only one of its kind in the UK.

Professor Linda Greensmith of the Department of Neurology heads the team,
running a lab dedicated to researching disorders that affect the neuromuscular system. She was personally presented the grant by the MP for West Dorset, Oliver Letwin.

This is not the first grant to be awarded from KD-UK to UCL. A total of £120,000 has been given thus far, promising hope to many that a cure will one day be discovered. “I’m now confident that it’s a question of when there is a cure and not if”, said Kate Hopps, who set up the Dorset-based charity last year.

The charity operates through a myriad of dedicated volunteers, and raises money through the organization of events such as marathons, dinners, and auctions. Professor Greensmith is appreciative of these efforts.

““With KD-UK’s help, UCL research is making important progress and we are incredibly grateful for their support.”

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