UCLU Election results: 28 new officers elected

UCLU Election results: 28 new officers elected

In the latest UCLU election, 4,729 students cast their votes to determine who should represent their interests in the realm of student government. 15,382 total votes were cast, including 203 abstentions.


The results were announced live on the main quad with moderate fanfare, including free donuts and popcorn. The event was also live-streamed on Facebook.

Dubbed by the union as “The BIG Vote”, this election constituted a drastic reshaping of UCLU, as all full and part-time officers currently serving will be replaced by the newly elected. Some old faces have been re-elected as well, including Mark Crawford, the Postgraduate Students’ Officer.

Turnout is slightly down from last year’s “BIG” vote, decreasing by about 3 percent from 4,878.

Many of the new officers ran unopposed, including several of the full-time officials as well as the Union Chair. This reflects a perhaps disinterested student community, especially given the ratio of students that voted to the total UCL population.

The new officers will take up their positions at the beginning of the next academic year.


Featured image: UCLU

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