UCLU General Assembly cancelled

UCLU General Assembly cancelled

Sam Fearnley reports on the recently cancelled UCLU General Assembly

In a statement on their website, UCLU has announced that its next general assembly will be cancelled.

The General Assembly was due to take place on 15 December in Logan Hall. However, due to restrictions dictated by UCL Fire Officers, wheelchair users would not be able to use the facilities at the UCL Institute of Education, where Logan Hall is situated, until after renovation work is finished.

Logan Hall has been deemed the only room on campus which is large enough to hold enough people to reach quorum, and the Union Chair and Sabbatical Officers decided there was no choice but to cancel the event.

In its place, the union will hold an extra meeting for Union Council, which members of the union are encouraged to attend, submit motions, and participate in discussions. They will not be allowed to vote, however, unless they hold a position on the Union Council. The Council is composed of the Union Chair, Faculty Representatives, Convenors of the Liberation Sections, and Convenors of the Academic Sections.

The Union Council meeting will be held on the same day, 15 December, in the conference room at 15 Gordon Street.

Featured image credit: Sam Fearnley


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