UCLU is not banning ‘downing’ pints or pitchers

UCLU is not banning ‘downing’ pints or pitchers

Food and Beverage Manager confirms that there is no threat to your pre-loop routines.

Yesterday The Tab reported that ‘downing’ pints and the purchase of pitchers was set to be banned by UCLU. We can safely report that this is not true and that your pre-loop boat races are safe. Some members of UCLU staff made the suggestion that banning the ‘downing’ of pints could lead to less rowdy behavior, but this idea was swiftly shot down as it was deemed unenforceable.

We asked UCLU Food and Beverages Manager, Martin McCollam, about The Tab’s article and he stated that the accusations were completely untrue, that there were not any plans to ban ‘downing’ pints or prevent students from buying 4-pint pitchers. He reiterated that while UCLU does not recommend students drink to excess, they will not prevent students from engaging in drinking culture.


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