Backstage Pass: Amadis de Gaule

Backstage Pass: Amadis de Gaule

“A visionary opera by Johann Christian Bach, performed in English at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Written and first performed on the eve of the French Revolution in Paris, the opera is a chivalric tale of the violent conflict between love and hate-fuelled revenge. Featuring some of today’s most exciting young opera singers with a chorus and orchestra of UCL students, and conducted by Charles Peebles, Jack Furness’ production will bring the opera to life in the ruins of a war-torn society where no civil structures remain.

An opera of unflinching intensity, human honesty and visionary utopianism, the production will be a must-see theatrical event.”

Pi takes a look…

Backstage Pass
Camera – Luke Blackett and Ben Monteith
Editing – Ben Monteith

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