Backstage Pass: Parade

Backstage Pass: Parade

On 27th-29th November, UCLU Musical Theatre Society presents its first Bloomsbury musical of the year: Jason Robert Brown’s iconic musical, ‘Parade’.

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“Evermore lives the dream of Atlanta, evermore her eternal pride …”

Parade tells the gripping true story of Leo Frank, a Brooklyn born Jew living in Atlanta, Georgia in 1913. Accused of the murder of Mary Phagan, a young girl working in his factory, the show follows “the trial of the century” as the audience hears the haunting accounts and is left to make their own verdict. Already guilty in the eyes of those around him, a sensationalist journalist and an untrustworthy caretaker seal Leo’s fate.
Leo’s wife, Lucille, launches a heroic campaign throughout the show to save her husband from a guilty verdict, assisted by the Governor of Georgia, who launches the campaign against the town’s wishes. The show follows Leo and Lucille’s journey from a dysfunctional arranged marriage to a true love discovered through the arduous 2 year long trial.

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Producer and editor: Lily Donnelly

Cameras: Alex Zharaspaev and Jack Veiga

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