Backstage Pass: Stage Crew

Backstage Pass: Stage Crew

Pi’s long-running show, Backstage Pass, has been interviewing production teams and filming rehearsals of all kinds of shows – comedy, jazz, dance, drama – for years. But, while we’ve seen the huge efforts put into planning and making visions into reality, we’ve never before taken a look at the people who make it possible: the techies of UCLU Stage Crew.

This special edition of PiTV Backstage Pass goes behind the scenes of Spring Awakening in UCL’s West End theatre, the Bloomsbury, to see how a small group of dedicated students devote themselves to making the UCLU Arts scene possible.

Producer: Ben Monteith
Editor: Lucia Sanchez Roldan
Camera: Lucia Sanchez Roldan, Ben Monteith, Leiah Yvonne Kwong, Nada Bashir

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