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Culture Club Festival 2015

Pi are in the quad! Come say hey!

We’re going to be attempting to ‘live-review’ the events throughout the day. Societies such as Musical Theatre, Comedy and Drama will be entertaining us with 20 minute performances in the quad.

We’re hoping to be super-2015 and livestream certain events through Meerkat, but that depends on the competence of our phones, and Eduroam.

This will be updated throughout the day with comments from various Pies as and when they stop by to say hey. Come say hey as well if you’re nearby!

Oliver Palethorpe March 27, 20151:09 am

Oliver Palethorpe March 27, 20151:09 am

Laptops died, people fled the Quad. It all got hectic at the end.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20157:04 pm

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20157:04 pm

Helping to maintain the structural integrity of the stage was definitely not part of my remit for today.

Izzy Cutts March 26, 20157:03 pm

Not again!!

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:58 pm

The stage has collapsed so please can we go now?

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:54 pm

They’re good songs, but I’m cold and just want my bed so I HATE ALL OF IT

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:42 pm

Luke Blackett March 26, 20156:40 pm

Good call Oli.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:40 pm

Second song has a mic. S’all good.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:39 pm

You’re either a liar or a superhuman. I believe it’s the second.

Luke Blackett March 26, 20156:37 pm

I can hear every word

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:36 pm


Luke Blackett March 26, 20156:36 pm

Is that revolting children? We can hear it clearly from here Oli

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:35 pm


Luke Blackett March 26, 20156:35 pm

Cheer interrupts board meeting

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:34 pm

They’re FINALLY ready

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:24 pm

We’ve broken out Tay Swift to cure the silence as MT set up.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:19 pm

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:18 pm

Musical Theatre are warming up by jogging on the spot. Such cuties.

Louise Farnall March 26, 20156:13 pm

This is nice but very mellow for the very cold Pi team

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:11 pm

He has a nice voice tho

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20156:11 pm

They’re alright. A bit too melancholy for my liking.

Luke Blackett March 26, 20156:09 pm

Well we can just about hear the band from the trustee boardroom

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:59 pm

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:57 pm

This poor mans compère has once again stepped on stage when will we be rid of this man….

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:56 pm

Live Music have started (25 minutes late but wevs)

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:53 pm


Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:53 pm

Lizzie Jay “this is the best”

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:52 pm

I feel culture club needs legal counsel for all this libel

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:51 pm

Lizzie jay – outgoing president of musical theatre – says: “#burnblackett”

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:51 pm

AH. Someone tripped over a cable and the stage lost power for ten minutes. Emma Groome doesn’t think that was in the risk assessment.

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:50 pm

This is hard on an ipad

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:50 pm

Luke technotard Blackett showing why he’s Culture Club chairman below

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:49 pm

Why are live music taking so long?

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:48 pm

Would share a photo if I knew how

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:48 pm

Live blogging from the stage here

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:46 pm

Everyone act like nothing has happened #cuttingcutts

Izzy Cutts March 26, 20155:45 pm

Reviewer on the ball

Izzy Cutts March 26, 20155:45 pm


Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:45 pm

Emma Groome is about to reveal the dogging area specified for today

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:44 pm

Joyfully she now can’t log in to the live blog so we have revised to rating to half a star during her appeal for help

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:44 pm

Izzy has forgotten how to log in to the website. Excellent start for our new VP.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:43 pm

As editor-in-chief I feel I ought to try and retain some form of professionalism. But this is too fun.

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:43 pm

Touch typing is a new thing for izzy

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:42 pm

Izzy struggling with the keyboard comeback to that last comment

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:42 pm

Luke gets 1 star for his late appearance – Izzy Cutts

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:41 pm

#cuttingcutts gets 3 and a half for her viral vine

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:40 pm

George and Izzy on the Jazz band.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:40 pm

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:37 pm

Jazz keeping it nice and chilled, although a weak compere by this replacement for someone who is constantly suffering from 3rd degree burns due to a Twitter hashtag

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:36 pm

We now have Luke Blackett commenting. All hell is about to break loose.

Luke Blackett March 26, 20155:36 pm

The entirely non biased reviewer is here!

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:33 pm


Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:32 pm

We feel that the dad dancers should be a permanent part of this band

George Washbourn March 26, 20155:30 pm

As well as the singer of Jazz society can sing, i’m more impressed by his refusal to wear a jumper in such arctic conditions…

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:28 pm

There isn’t a foot not tapping, a hip not bopping in the Quad right now

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:28 pm


George Washbourn March 26, 20155:23 pm

Ilya on guitar for Jazz band, having a fret induced orgasm with every sweet lick and riff. He is truly a master of the solo face

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20155:22 pm

George Washbourn March 26, 20155:18 pm

Jazz Society kick it off with that touchstone jazzy classic “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by the Scissor Sisters – a genre confused delight

George Washbourn March 26, 20155:14 pm

Jazz Society teasing us with appearing to start and then, just, sort of, not…

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:03 pm

Pi gazebo still going strong as the information booth for both CC Festival and the Astrophysics School Conference

Holly Philipps March 26, 20155:01 pm

I’m learning all about contouring at the makeup tutorial #hellobeautifulface

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:01 pm

‘I’m buzzing’ – Pi Arts Reviewer Izzy Cutts

Louise Farnall March 26, 20155:00 pm

WE’RE STILL HERE and Jazz are about to begin

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:25 pm

Makeup are now doing tutorials in the cloisters. Pi are evacuating the quad to find shelter indoors.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:24 pm

Holly Philipps March 26, 20154:11 pm

Twelve Angry Men? More like Twelve Passive Aggressive Men

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:06 pm


Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:06 pm


Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:05 pm

Twelve Angry Men from Drama is on now. Is this pathetic fallacy? #idon’tdoenglish

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:04 pm

Bonner asks us to take our seats. We won’t be there long if the heavens open.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:03 pm

It’s raining. I repeat, it is raining.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:01 pm

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20154:01 pm

While we wait, here’s Izzy Cutts’ response after I asked her what she thought of Comedy

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:59 pm

I can hear strange noises coming from backstage. It must be drama.

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:59 pm

Holly Philipps March 26, 20153:53 pm

The Graters were great. (eyyyy, see what I did there?)

Holly Philipps March 26, 20153:47 pm

The Graters being ‘pretty good’

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:44 pm

<3 them really

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:44 pm

(As much as it pains me to compliment the CG)

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:44 pm

Tbf, the Graters are pretty good.

Holly Philipps March 26, 20153:38 pm

oooooh, a very fancy car just drove through the festival

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:36 pm

Our review was conducted in a highly professional manner, as you can tell

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:36 pm

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20153:30 pm

The Graters are up next. Luckily they still have a stage to do stuff on.

Louise Farnall March 26, 20153:30 pm

Maybe they had had enough of Matt Bonner’s as MC

Louise Farnall March 26, 20153:29 pm

Brief panic as the blow-up stage nearly collapses, leaving us all a bit deflated – easily corrected by an unknown saviour.

Holly Philipps March 26, 20153:27 pm

10 minute break – Culture Club fact quiz coming our way!

Holly Philipps March 26, 20153:26 pm

Drama just finished to a big applause after a gripping monologue

Louise Farnall March 26, 20153:20 pm

Interarts success as Drama attracts a large crowd

Louise Farnall March 26, 20153:09 pm

Drama up next – apparently microphones are not a thing today

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20152:53 pm

Half an hour of probably funny comedy done. I have no idea as I couldn’t hear.

Louise Farnall March 26, 20152:45 pm

The group of school children passing through the quad are LOVING IT

Louise Farnall March 26, 20152:39 pm

Popcorn disaster in the Pi gazebo

Louise Farnall March 26, 20152:37 pm

We’re sure it would be funny if we could hear it

Louise Farnall March 26, 20152:35 pm

Not sure why Sarah was just kicked off the stage but the drama is intense

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20152:33 pm

They need microphones tbh

Oliver Palethorpe March 26, 20152:33 pm

Comedy Club are currently on!

Culture Club Festival 2015 Reviewed by on March 26, 2015 .

Pi are at the Culture Club festival!



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