Lets not be cross with Lacrosse – the ladies won!

Lets not be cross with Lacrosse – the ladies won!

Pedro Pereira reports on the Lax Boys and Girls matches against KCL


King’s who?

I had never watched it before. Not Lacrosse, King’s students trying to play a sport. Amusing.

However, the atmosphere at the North London Cricket Club proved fantastic, as we awaited the first faceoff. Roars echoed from what seemed a crowd of 100 people, 3 of which were from KCL (well, maybe more, but they all come to UCL for their masters anyway).

Having destroyed King’s 24-3 earlier this season, UCL proved confident as they raced to a 3-0 lead in the first 3 minutes. After two 15 minute quarters, UCL led King’s 7-4. Through goals and checks, this lead was extended rapidly in the next 6 minutes, bringing UCL to 13-5 at the end of the third quarter. From that point a defense master class, with an ego as large as the academic difference between UCL and KCL, saw the favourites take the match 16-7.

The match was witnessed by students of other institutions who claimed that ‘UCL just seem better than King’s at everything’ (Elliot Laker, Exeter University). Wise words Elliot. This was certainly proved true in this match, as King’s had no chance from start to finish.

After the full time whistle was blown, the crowds saw the KCL side praise UC’s, in the form that every King’s student should.

The now 2 King’s supporters – the third one had to go finish his UCL transfer application – seemed extremely surprised by what was inevitable from the start: An absolute DEMOLITION.

The players were very pleased claiming that it was ‘… well deserved’ (Nancy Morgan). You damn right it was Nancy. King’s don’t deserve sh*t.


After a very comfortable win for UCL in the first match of a glorious varsity day, the King’s lads were hungry not to let their rivals walk away with two wins.

Having trained with each other for the past few years under a ULU squad, these sides knew each other very well and brought a tasty encounter to the event. I have to say it was the most exciting live sports game I’ve watched in a while!

From scrambles and elbows, to a fight that nearly broke out (fortunately for KCL it didn’t), the match proved to be developing into a classic. King’s managed to put aside their sh*tty heritage at everything else to finish the first quarter at 2-1 up. With both teams fighting their heart out to bring glory to their institution, the end of the second quarter was no different, with King’s leading by one goal at 4-3.

During half time, the two mascots, Phineas and some crap Lion got into a scrap with the feline edging the Scotsman out, in what proved to foreshadow the third quarter. King’s scored 2 goals in 6 minutes to go up 6-3! However a goal from the Man of the match, Charlie (42), gave an extra bit of life to the UC squad, as the third quarter ended at 6-4.

Watching the fourth quarter was like watching an NBA seventh game in the final of the playoffs. I was also lucky enough to watch next to social secretary and UCL’s mascot, Tobi Alegbe, who claimed that “It was always going to be a close game. They’re both great teams”. He was right. Charlie’s goal gave the team the confidence they needed as UCL tied the match at 6-6! HOWEVER, about 5 minutes to the end of the match, King’s scored. Was that it? Were our hopes shattered? Nope. UCL responded like the champions they always try to be, equalizing almost immediately! 7-7 at the end of full time!

Yes, the game went into overtime and through hits, fouls, people getting sent off and many chances missed, King’s scored with two minutes to go dismantling any hopes of a comeback that would have made Katie Sykes’ hall of fame.

What a game. The UCL boys should be proud, as should KCL. Well done!

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