Mixed feelings for the UCL Lacrosse varsity

Mixed feelings for the UCL Lacrosse varsity

Precious Adesina gives us reasons to be happy, and (la)cross with UCL’s performances

UCL’s Lacrosse teams had mixed results on Tuesday, creating a sense of ambivalence with the revved up crowd. The men won 8-0, absolutely destroying King’s confidence, while the ladies suffered a tight 11-15 defeat.

The Men’s game began with UCL maintaining a strong level of possession in the middle of the pitch, and the first shot from Ben Colville ended up being a goal. UCL Men’s started as they meant to go on. By the end of the first quarter King’s seemed to have given up all hope as they acknowledged they were playing a team that was just too good for them… UCL were up 3-0 by this point.


It wasn’t all down to the amazing shots of our highly skilled attackers though, as our awesome goalie saved everything that KCL could offer (not much, incidentally). Attacker, George Pattison, agreed with this, saying “JC (Jack Challoner), our goalie, had a fantastic match and Jamie Morton, our midfielder, finally found that over arm shot.”

Mid second quarter, the rain began to beat down on both the spectators and players fairly heavily. Luckily, UCL had a tent ready for the debacle while King’s suffered through their terrible defeat drenched in both their tears and rain. The second half concluded with UCL up 4 (thanks George), and King’s still yet to come close to scoring.

The game continued in the same way with the only thing King’s having to celebrate, being the rain coming to a sudden stop around the third quarter. Ben Colville, ecstatic with the final outcome of the game, said “I am pleased with how we played, a lot of practice this year finally paid off. And we’re finally playing like a team. Also, I have to compliment Kings on their spirit, they played hard for the whole game and that is all you can really ask for!” How lovely.

The Ladies’ match was a tad less positive, but just as exciting. Although, the UCL ladies has some strong players and some hardcore shots, UCL ladies found it terribly difficult to get past Kings’ strong defence, that pesky number 11.


They found themselves often chasing the scores while Kings’ managed to keep themselves one step ahead. The first half ended 5-7, and the second 11-15 to Kings.

Lydia Colet, President of Lacrosse, summed the girl’s performance up perfectly:

Both team’s hard work this season really showed in what was one of the most fast paced and intense matches I’ve had the pleasure of both refereeing and watching! It’s great to see this years’ freshers integrated well into the team, and despite the narrow defeat all the girls should be extremely proud of their performance. Special thanks goes out to the Women’s 1st Team Captain Nancy Morgan for all her incredible efforts with the team this year!


All in all UCL lacrosse played magnificently, pushing King’s to their ultimate limit. And never forgetting to sing that Burlington Bertie before departure. Going in to the final three varsity events (Taekwondo, Women’s Rugby and Men’s Rugby) UCL are behind 13-11. We have to win all three remaining fixtures to win Varsity… Gonna be tense!

Image Credits: Dante Kim

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