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UCL Backpackers

UCL Backpackers: Hamza, Giovanna, Paula, and Fred

This week, we chatted to a group of four in UCL’s Print Room Café about their travel experiences

Where’s the best place you’ve been to?

Hamza: “Rome in summer with my mum! My favourite bit has got to be the Colosseum. I went twice – it was really cool!”

Fred: “Sloppy Sam’s Bar in Campo de’ Fiori is the best place to go out in Rome. They have beer pong and absinthe shots. Not somewhere you’d go with your mum, but it depends on what she’s into.”

Hamza: “Everything’s so expensive in Rome though. It’s like €6 for water or something.”

Fred: “I grew up in Vietnam, so I guess I’ll stay loyal and stick with the yellow star, so yeah Vietnam. Favourite thing has to be the food and the energy of the place – it’s very lively, bustling with activity.”

Hamza: “And the driving licenses there, it’s so easy to get them right?”

Fred: “Yeah, you’d just turn a corner and you’ll see thirteen year olds with motorcycles.”

Giovanna: “I’d say Spain. I love Spain, especially Madrid. I love the food, the people, and the parties are amazing.”

Paula: “My favourite place I’ve been to would be Rio de Janeiro, I went there this summer and it was the most fantastic city I’ve been to. My family is in Brazil so we went there for a quick holiday. It’s so chill. If you stay there when the sun sets on a beach, you’ll start smelling weed, people will start playing music — I love it.”

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Where is your dream destination?

Fred: “A private island, with a nice atoll.”

Paula: “Tanzania.”

Giovanna: “Tibet.”

Hamza: “I want to go to Tokyo.”

Are there any travel horror stories to share?

Paula: “I lose stuff every time I travel.”

Fred: “My cousin was crossing the border from Rwanda to Uganda, this guy handed him a bag of cash, and said, ‘Could you bring this over the border to my friend?’. So he gets on the bus, and everyone has to get off on the Ugandan side. Some guy approaches my cousin and asks ‘Have you got some money?’ to which he replied ‘Yeah I’ve got to give it to this guy.’ They gave him the shock of his life when they said ‘This guy is dead, give it to us.’ So he handed them the money and hurried back on the bus.”

What’s your travel essential?

Fred: “Underwear. Or a toothbrush.”

Paula: “My phone.”

Fred: “Actually, money. Money is number one!”

Hamza: “Good company!”

Giovanna: “I’d say the same – good company.”

Would you rather travel with your friends or family?

Paula and Giovanna: “Friends!”

Fred: “Alone. Solo. Backpacking style.”

Hamza: “Solo.”

Paula: “You said good company and then you say you’d rather travel solo?”

Hamza: “The thing is, you can always meet new people while travelling. Good company can be found in every place.”

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This week, we chatted to a group of four in UCL’s Print Room Café about their travel experiences


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