Arts & Culture at UCL: Create, Write and Perform this New Year

Arts & Culture at UCL: Create, Write and Perform this New Year

Itching to get involved in something at the start of the new year? From Anatomy Society to Folk and World Music via the Publishers’ Prize, there are opportunities waiting all over campus.

For many, term 1 has an annoying habit of rushing by and ending before you feel like it’s really got going. In the whirlwind of assessment deadlines, social engagements and other such commitments, some things you really wanted to do can be left by the wayside. With the new term comes a blank slate, however, and the perfect chance to dive into a project or two. Whether you like to create, write or perform, here are several great opportunities to flex your creative muscles in early 2019 and play an active part in the university’s vibrant arts & culture community.


Disjointed Anatomies Exhibition

UCL Anatomy Society has only been around for a few years, but has seen their popularity grow steadily with medics flocking to their revision courses and tutorials, and non-medics flocking just to see some gory stuff. This year, for the first time, the society is holding an art exhibition with the theme ‘Disjointed Anatomies’. Broad interpretations of the theme are encouraged, and a wide variety of mediums are accepted. Disjointed Anatomies looks like it will be a real highlight of term 2 – make sure to submit to have a chance of featuring in the show.

Deadline for submissions to Disjointed Anatomies is 24th February


The Publishers’ Prize

This year will be the 6th edition of the UCL Publishers’ Prize, an anthology of works compiled annually by Publishing MA students. The theme of this year’s Prize is ‘Revolution’, and submissions are accepted in the form of short story, flash fiction and poetry. Open to undergrads, postgrads, and even alumni, it’s an exciting opportunity to channel your inner Alice Munro/Stephen King/Rupi Kaur and be published in what is always a beautifully produced book.

Deadline for submissions to the Publishers’ Prize is 18th January



Musical Theatre Auditions

One of the most established arts societies at UCL, Musical Theatre performed two excellent shows in first term – From Here to Eternity and Edges – and they’re wasting no time getting going again in term 2. Auditions for their mid-February small show Songs for a New World are taking place at the end of this week. By all accounts, being part of a MT production is a guaranteed fun time, so if you have a decent voice on you, this is definitely worth a go.

Auditions for Songs for a New World take place on 10-11 January


Jazz Taster Sessions

Jazz Society hold taster sessions at the start of every term, and are well renowned for warmly welcoming newcomers. Next week, there are two ‘Give it a Go’ sessions running (choir and big band), and the best bit? No auditions required! Jazz Society’s The Big Easy was one of the high points of last term, so if you missed out, this is your chance to see what the fuss is all about.

Jazz Choir and Big Band tasters take place on 14th and 17th January respectively


‘Ceilidh Calling!’ with Folk and World Music

Ok, so this isn’t really a call to give an instrument a go or audition for something, but I’m including it because ceilidhs are great. In my (very limited) experience, they seem to rarely appear outside of weddings, but the good people at Folk and World Music (incidentally, a very underrated society) have only gone ahead and organised one on campus. If you’ve never been to a ceilidh before, cancel all plans for next Wednesday evening.

‘Ceilidh Calling!’ takes place on 16th January

Featured Image Credit: Sharon Yip Second Image Credit: Sara Bereta