Armed with a smartphone and a sheaf of slick filters, even the most novice of photographers can feel proud of their creations on Instagram. The social media site is currently crammed with amateur snappers’ holidays, selfies and food porn. So, it comes as no surprise that the pros are getting in on the scene and finding fame and followers with younger generations.

Here are the 10 best photographers and artists currently delighting their followers on Instagram:


 1. Ai Weiwei: @aiww

While the Chinese artist, activist and dissident may be famous for his ‘Sunflower Seeds’, his Instagram feed is filled with endearing photos of cats, his family, and the odd selfie.

Followers: 112,879

Follow for: cheeky selfies and cute cat pics


2. Ryan McGinness: @mcginnessworks

American artist Ryan McGinness has been labelled the ‘Andy Warhol of the 21st century’. Like his artwork, his Instagram feed is full of cool graphics and sharp typefaces.

Followers: 16,259

Follow for: sharp graphics

 3. Jon Burgerman: @jonburgerman

Artist, cartoonist and doodler Jon Burgerman’s eye for line is rivaled by few and his artwork is sure to bring a smile. His materials range from the inside of a pizza box to t-shirts and jumpers, making Burgerman’s presence on Instagram spontaneous and fun.

Followers: 13,848

Follow for: charming doodles

 4. Sasha Unisex: @sashaunisex

While many tattoo artists have a penchant for the macabre, Sasha Unisex’s art is all about bright colours and a fresh approach to tattoo design. If you’re going to get a tattoo, get one of her fox designs.

Followers: 259,078

Follow for: dazzlingly beautiful tattoo art

 5. Laurie Simmons: @lauriesimmons

Laurie Simmons is a successful artist in her own right with her thought provoking doll photography. But in a world where ‘Girls’ is the biggest thing since ‘Sex and the City’, I’m guessing that a lot of her followers are just interested in the family photos featuring daughter Lena Dunham.

Followers: 27,608

Follow for: proud mum pics of Lena Dunham

 6. Helene Meldahl: @mirrorsme

Norwegian doodler Helene Meldahl will make you want to up your selfie game. By doodling on her bathroom mirror, she makes the most creative and funny selfies that will ever grace Instagram. Fans include Zooey Deschanel.

Followers: 139,529

Follow for: epic mirror selfies

 7. Ida Skivenes: @idafrosk

Ida Skivenes proves that it isn’t bad to play with your food. Her food art looks as though it has come straight out of a children’s book and is almost too pretty to eat.

Followers: 260,686

Follow for: food art

 8. Stefano Unterthiner: @stefanounterthiner

National Geographic photographer Stephano Unterthiner gets up close and personal with nature. His photographs give the animals a distinct personality and are simply stunning.

Followers: 40,832

Follow for: intimate wildlife shots

 9. Scott Rankin: @othellonine

No amount of white sands and Piña coladas will give you as much holiday envy as Scott Rankin’s photographs will. His atmospheric shots will make you want to blow your student loan on a one-way flight to Canada.

Followers: 117,639

Follow for: unbelievable landscapes

 10. Sarka Babicka: @sarkababicka

Sarka Babicka’s photographs will have you salivating on your iPhone. With a fresh, minimalist style, her photographs highlight the beauty of food, inducing instant hunger pangs.

Followers: 50,708

Follow for: food porn


Featured Image Credit: Jessica Zollman via Wikipedia

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