Pi Poetry: words of London

Pi Poetry: words of London

A collection of poems celebrating the diversity of London.

London Town

She arrived filled with hopes and fears;
The city unfolded before her foreign eyes:
Sights, sounds, a new music to her ears
And many more treasures erased the goodbyes.

The years passed; under my gaze
Every brick and every leaf became a familiar sight.
London transformed from a maze
Into a home, the only place feeling right.

A city I sometimes leave, but always come back to,
Each time with a tingle of excitement,
And still amazed eyes, too.

Maialen Maugars


I took the train to Golder’s Green on a bright autumn morning;
framed the train carriage.
Rivulets dissipating
as we picked up speed,
cleaving through
a crisp morning air.

All the leaves-
cloaked the ground:
laid out carefully,
an elaborate tapestry.

for just a fraction of a second,
a still moment,
For only the early risers to see.

 Alice Hills

Featured image credit: Laurie Chen

Alice Hills and Maialen Maugars

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