Going Underground

Going Underground

Emma Groome previews the best events at VAULT Festival

Deep underneath Waterloo Station, VAULT Festival is unleashing six weeks of entertainment, ideas and chaos. As a project that started three years ago, created by The Heritage Arts Company, VAULT has grown into a 30 day run, with at least 10 shows a day.

With tickets starting at £5, this is not an event to miss. Whilst the majority of us can barely scrimp the £20 to pay for our Book of Mormon lottery wins, VAULT offers plenty for less than a tenner or, even better, for free.

So with that, here’s your comprehensive guide to the shows that are not to be missed:

The Observatory

Who: RUNHORATIO & Sofi Lee Henson
When: Feb 18th-22nd 6.30pm
Why: To understand the human, you must taste humanity.

This is the debut piece of RUNHORATIO, promising “a gallery in testament to the broad emotional heritage of humanity”. Don’t have a clue what that means? Me neither, but the trailer is pretty damn cool. This is interactive theatre at its most risk-taking. Perfect for those made of sterner stuff, with a penchant for the macabre and mysterious.

The Church

Who: Legs Akimbo
When: March 5th 10.30pm
Why: Its time all you sinners went back to church. To a service where party is the new praising, where youll be baptised in absinthe and made to dance with the devil himself”.

If that hasn’t sold you already, I don’t know what will. Headed up by the comedy duo that form Legs Akimbo, The Church promises an evening of debauchery, disco, and downright madness. Perfect for those looking for a thoroughly bizarre night that they probably won’t remember. Not so perfect for those looking for Jesus.

Lie Back And Think Of England

Who: Rachel Lincoln
When: Feb 4th-8th 9.15pm
Why: Having seen this show at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer, it’s no surprise Rachel Lincoln is still touring with what has to be one of the most side-splittingly funny shows I’ve seen this past year. This fast-paced physical comedy takes the audience through a Sex Ed class like nothing you’ve experienced before. We follow an immensely shy, outrageous and unorthodox supply teacher as she attempts to take us through her experiences with … *ahem* … you know what.


Lie Collector

Who: Yve Blake
When: Feb 11th- March 1st 9.15pm
Why: What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told? Fancy sending it to Yve Blake so she can write a song about it? Send your deepest and darkest secrets to Yve at www.WhoWereWe.com and have them feature in a show that you and your friends can go and see! On second thoughts, perhaps that doesn’t sound too appealing. Regardless, her idea is beautifully innovative, and promises to be something truly memorable and unique, as well as daringly funny.

Pitch Black

Who: VAULT Lates
When: Feb 19th 10.30pm
Why: One of the many evenings of VAULT Lates brings Pitch Black, an evening of music, poetry and performance, set in complete darkness. Allow your imagination and senses to be taken to new heights with a soundtrack of Mercury Award nominated musicians, avant-garde sounds and sensory surprises. If the thought of stumbling around, trying to keep track of your mates doesn’t completely appeal, the lights will be switched on afterwards, for drinks and other such merriment with the cast and audience.

Sing For Your Life

Who: Charlie Tuesday-Gates
When: March 4th-8th 9.30pm
Why: If you go down to the woods today youre sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today the roadkill has arrived. For every beast you ever did know is about to perform in a cabaret show. Todays the day the animals come alive.

Charlie is a Taxidermist with a penchant for cabaret. From reviving road kill, buying dead dogs on Gumtree, stuffing the family pet, this show has it all, as well as some killer tunes. Yes it’s insane, and yes I’ve already booked my tickets.

VAULT Festival 2014 Credit Jack Abraham (5)

The Act

Who: Broken Dream Co.
When: Feb 18th-22nd 9.40pm
Why: The curtain has gone up, the show is about to begin, but there’s been a murder and it’s down to the audience to solve it. Broken Dream present a murder mystery like no other. The circus meets Agatha Christie in this captivating evening of immersive theatre; as an audience member, you’ll be told to collect clues, but make sure you watch your back…

So there you have it. Seven reasons why you should take a break from your degree, or Sports Night, or Netflix and go out and do something cultural. If the VAULT Festival has grown this much in three years, one can only expect it to go forth and multiply. Ruin a hipsters day. Go buy a ticket.

VAULT Festival runs from 28th January – March 8th. Buy your tickets here.

All image credits: Jack Abraham


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