Review: Tar at Unit 5 Gallery

Review: Tar at Unit 5 Gallery

Nikol Chen dives deeps into the dazzling world of BAULT’s Tar at Unit 5 Gallery

Let me tell you about BAULT’s Tar: the exhibition is neither dull nor pretentious – it is exciting, vivid, and mischievous. Unit 5 Gallery London’s space is transformed into an ethereal dimension, populated with the artist’s imaginary monsters and beasts.

Tar is BAULT’s first show in London. The French painter and muralist started out as a teenager writing on walls, and has since become increasingly popular. His rise was not unfounded – BAULT uses a variety of techniques and mediums, as well as unconventional materials, including deconstructing a trainer shoe for two of the works showcased in the exhibition.


Bault states, “My art is an open door to so many roads, a trip between lines and colours. I’m talking about ecology, past religions, forgotten writing and tales of daily life”.

The artist considers Robert Combas to be one of his primary influences – Combas initiated the Figuration Libre movement in 1970s France, which incorporates elements of graffiti, pop culture, cartoons, and street art.

Walking through the gallery space is akin to strolling through the artist’s mind. You are surrounded by imaginative creatures that seem to be alive and conscious. The juxtaposition and variety of the works further emphasises this effect: in one corner you see an extensive painting with a striking colour palette and an intriguing composition, and in another you observe several black & white brooding creatures, occupying their niche on raw canvas.

Do not be fooled into thinking that since BAULT’s works are colourful and playful they are somehow superficial and one-dimensional. Besides the obvious character that the artist puts behind each painting, his works are abundant with technique and detail. BAULT shows his professionalism and individuality in his slight shadows, emphasising lines, and even his own font.


The playfulness and the dazzling imagery of Tar makes it a fantastic way to escape the monotony and gloom of reality. Dive deep into BAULT’s imaginary world, interact with the inhabitants, and fathom the mesmerising landscapes!

Tar is showing from October 16th until November 3rd at the Unit 5 Gallery London on Yorkton St, just off Hackney Road. Admission is free.

Featured Image: Nikol Chen


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