We are UCLU Dance, UCLU Dance are us

We are UCLU Dance, UCLU Dance are us

Can UCLU Dance represent us all? asks Jessie Lim

Is there even anyone who hates dancing? Though many of us probably will not readily admit our love or capacity (ahem) for dance, we are all secretly dancers at heart. Evidence? I’m sure there’s always that shimmy of excitement, the random execution of a moonwalk across your kitchen floor, and even those wild drunken moves in Student Central on a Friday night.

We all love to dance no matter our ability, and here’s why the UCLU Dance Society is the best representation of the UCL student community:

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Instant Impact Finalist: UCLU Dance Society

It’s hard to resist the groovy beats in the video.

Though many societies (Pi, for instance) may feel they are the pinnacle of variety, UCLU Dance Soc does quite a good job in showcasing the diversity, creativity and energy that UCL students are. When asked why she thinks her society is the best representation of UCL, UCLU Dance President Rachael Barber quips, “Students from all over the world come to study at UCL from all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. As the biggest arts society, I believe that the Dance Society showcases this through our diverse members, dance styles and dance levels.”

“Dance enables you to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time, which is why I love dancing so much. Besides the actual physical element of dancing, I love the dance community and the friendships made through dance. I definitely would have never met some of my closest friends if it weren’t for the society.”

dance soc adorbs

If they win the Instant Impact Sponsorship Competition and the £2000 that comes along with it:

“By winning this competition and the sponsorship, we will be able to provide you with more diverse workshops and better quality shows for everyone to enjoy. The UCLU Dance Society will have something for everyone. We currently have classes in 7 different styles that cater to all abilities. Soon enough, we will organise more workshops in a whole range of genres, all conducted by professionals, current members or our very strong alumni.”

Watch the video, and spread the word – competition ends Friday, 21 November!

To keep up to date with what’s going on in UCLU Dance Society, check them out here:



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