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Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee

For all of you who are crazy about #eatclean

Instagram appeal: 8/10
We were sat by the window so the lighting was perfect.
Edginess: 9/10
Full to the brim with hipsters, edgy dieters and ‘eat clean’ hashtaggers.
Good For:
Something slightly different.
Most Likely to Meet:
Coffee fanatics and foodies on organic diets.
Affordability: 3/10
At £2.90 for a flat white, Black Sheep is slightly too pricey for my liking.

Since the dawn of Instagram, blogging and the ‘Wholefoods Market’ franchise, foodies and health-fiends everywhere have become (almost worryingly) obsessed with the #eatclean mantra in all its organic forms: chia seeds, goji berries, almond milk, cacao nibs – the list is endless.

Having heard that Charlotte Street’s Black Sheep Coffee offers a quirky selection of vegan/healthy/#cleaneating delights, I decided to call upon my one and only vegan friend – Nicole, a CompLit gal from sunny Palm Beach – to share her vegan expertise. Located just off Tottenham Court Road and a five minute walk from UCL, Black Sheep is the perfect place for an #eatclean brunch, lunch, coffee, cake and most importantly, Instagram.

Buzzing with ridiculously edgy health-freaks on gluten-lactose-everything-free diets and equally edgy coffee connoisseurs umm-ing and ahh-ing between an ‘aeropress’ or v60 (don’t ask), Black Sheep’s unusual wooden décor, whacky menu and super friendly staff ensure a constant flow of extremely satisfied customers. On the coffee side of things, Nicole’s almond milk chai latte and my soya cappuccino were both solid lactose-free choices – and for those on lactose-free diets, Black Sheep offers various different brands of almond/soya milk so you’re spoilt for choice.

If you’re after the ultimate #eatclean breakfast, definitely try either the spiced pearl barley porridge or vegan bircher muesli (made with almond milk) paired with the ‘Bulletproof’ coffee – an Americano with coconut oil. Proven to aid digestion, regulate your metabolism and boost the immune system, coconut oil – the latest health craze to sweep Instagram – is a definite #eatclean breakfast staple. At £5+ a jar in Wholefoods, it’s probably not affordable on a postgrad budget (especially without a loan, can you tell I’m bitter?) but it’s worth trying on a one-off.

For a slightly more unusual coffee and cake experience (try the vegan Red Velvet cake, it was surprisingly delicious despite my initial scepticism), head down to Black Sheep and you won’t be disappointed. Although the menu is slightly pricier than Costa/Starbucks/Café Nero, the lively and alternative atmosphere is definitely worth those few extra pennies and you’re guaranteed to rake in the likes on your #eatclean Instagram.

Black Sheep Coffee 63 Charlotte Street W1T 4PG


Helen Schnabel