Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe

Naomi Blair takes a trip down memory lane with the UK’s first ever cereal cafe

Must-try: The Choco-pottamus cereal cocktail
Price: £
Good for: A quirky first date
Overall: 4/5

Just when you think London has seen it all, something brand new comes along and gets everyone buzzing. This time it’s the gloriously kitsch nostalgia of the Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane. If you love cereal (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then this one is most definitely for you. Founded by two twins from Belfast, Gary and Alan Keery, the Cereal Killer Cafe was born out of a craving for cereal whilst out and about, and so with their gap in the market found, they set about ordering in each and every type of cereal they could think of.


With over 120 different cereals from around the world, 30 varieties of milk and 20 toppings, there’s something for everyone, even the most die-hard cereal fan. The rarest cereal they stock is an Oreo cereal from South Korea, but they also have your standard cereals like Cheerios (in about 8 different varieties, obviously), as well as Pop-Tarts, toast and cereal-infused cakes like the colourful Lucky Charms cheesecake. Prices start from £2.50 for a small bowl of cereal with normal milk, with ‘cereal cocktails’ costing around £3.70.

Everything is fully customisable to give you the perfect sugary blast-from-the-past. I enjoyed a bowl of chocolate Krave and Cap’n Crunch peanut butter, topped with chocolate milk and a Kinder Happy Hippo which was amazing- everything my mum would never have allowed me to have and more. My friend had the seriously chocolatey combination of Cocoa Puffs, Nesquik and crumbled Flake bars, all washed down with some pretty impressive Allpress coffees (£2.70 for a flat white).


The cafe decor is inspired by a box of Lucky Charms and is fully decked out with cereal memorabilia, cereal box prizes and limited edition boxes. There is also an 80’s and 90’s soundtrack and old-school cartoons playing on TVs to add to the authentically nostalgic experience. In true Shoreditch fashion, there are even artworks made entirely from cereal decorating the walls.

The Cereal Killer Cafe has taken the student diet staple and given it a seriously hip makeover. If you fancy reminiscing about the good old days when all you had to worry about was getting the toy in the Frosties before your sister did (no? Just me?) then head to Shoreditch for a trip down memory lane.

139 Brick Lane
E1 6SB

Open 7am-10pm, Monday to Friday

All image credits: Cereal Killer Cafe

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