Naomi Blair tries out the healthiest lunch around

Must-try: Jerk chicken salad

Price: £

Good for: Quick uni lunch

Overall: Delicious, healthy food done well for people on the go

Great as they are, student lifestyles aren’t always synonymous with healthy eating. What with the late nights, irregular timetables and penchants for post-Loop Maccie’s, it’s easy to think that being a student means kissing goodbye to healthy habits. But thankfully, this isn’t the case. In fact, it’s easier than ever to stay healthy at university, with supermarkets constantly slashing their prices, the argument that healthy eating costs the earth is no longer valid. While cooking is cheap, it can be tricky, so if it’s the faff-factor that makes whipping up a delicious and nutritious salad seem daunting, then fret not, because Chop’d is here to answer your prayers.

Having been around for 10 years, and sold over 5 million salads to date, Chop’d is somewhat of a salad veteran. With prices ranging from £4.50-£5.95 for a salad that is tasty, filling and helps towards your five-a-day, Chop’d is an easy way to pack in the veggies without breaking the bank. Sure, for the same price you could get an Icco’s, but you’ll also get carb-face thrown in for free, and no one wants that.

If salads aren’t your thing, then Chop’d also offers soups, stews and flatbreads, all for around £5. With winter drawing in, I opted for a warm salad of chicken and prawn gumbo, which was packed full of flavour and left me feeling very satisfied without any guilt.

Each item on the menu comes complete with a calorie count and the saturated fat content, so you know exactly what you’re eating. They also try and source the vast majority of their ingredients locally and sustainably, so they support British farmers and ethical eating, making them the perfect clean-conscience choice.

Chop’d has several outposts around London including a grab-and-go at King’s Cross station and a stand in the Selfridges Food Hall, both of which are in close proximity to UCL. So, next time you’re pondering yet another bland Tesco’s meal deal, try something different and head to Chop’d for fresh, fast and flavourful food done well.

Featured image credit: Chop’d

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