For Goodness Cakes: Hello!

For Goodness Cakes: Hello!

Helen Schnabel introduces her brand new blog that will take you on a tour around London’s weirdest and most wonderful cafes

It’s probably not ground-breaking news that the British population are obsessed with the phenomenon of ‘tea and cake’ in all its delicious forms – chocolate fudge, carrot, earl grey, Darjeeling – pretty much because a) it allows us to stuff our faces whilst claiming it’s all in the name of patriotism and b) it provides middle-class women with an excuse to meet up and discuss Hugo’s first day at boarding school and Tabitha’s latest horse-riding lesson.

The other day, my boyfriend (/his mum) invited me out for dinner with his family and in his family whatsapp group responded on my behalf with “I’ve never known Helen to turn down food, I’m sure she’d love to come”. Even though I raged for the next few days and made sure not to pig out at dinner, maybe he was actually on to something (for once) – perhaps I could start channelling my inner chubby kid and write a food blog.

As a completely clueless postgrad, extremely fresh to London from the rough streets of Surrey (and as an undergrad, Exeter), I’ve decided to make it my mission to find the most individual, cute, quirky, weird and wonderful independent coffee houses/tea rooms in central London and write a little about my experiences. Not only will I hopefully be able to recommend some great new places in which to read, write and socialise, I’ll also be satisfying my constant cake cravings and caffeine addiction. Sadly, I don’t think the Ritz will be appearing on my list anytime soon, but hopefully I’ll come up with some recommendations that’ll blow your usual Costa cappuccino out the water.

I should probably also mention that I’ll be dragging along a different friend/relative each time I visit a new place because a) I want to look like I have friends and b) I’ll get more likes on instagram if there’s someone in the picture.


Featured Image: Helen with tea and cake, both of which she will probably write about.

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