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Foxcroft and Ginger

Foxcroft and Ginger

Great cake, not so great prices…

Instagram appeal: 7/10
We sat by the window, so the lighting was ideal.
Edginess: 7/10
Despite the proximity to Covent Garden/Oxford Street, Foxcroft and Ginger was surprisingly hipster.
Good For:
Toasted (again, !) banana bread.
Most Likely to Meet:
Soho workers and ladies who lunch (ie. us).
Affordability: 5/10
Sadly the cakes might be a tad too pricey for the average student budget, but definitely worth the one-off visit.

If you’ve been desperately missing my endless Instagram posts, Facebook self-promotion and coffee-related pearls of wisdom, don’t fret – #forgoodnesscakes is back with another little gem to add to your coffee house bucket list. Considering Izzy, a GHS gal with aspirations in farming/nutrition/anything animal-related, is both a Soho/Covent Garden/Central London expert and currently unemployed (soz), we made our way to bustling Berwick Street’s Foxcroft and Ginger for a morning of carby delights.

If it’s atmosphere you’re after, Foxcroft and Ginger has definitely nailed the modern-rustic-industrial vibe (who doesn’t love a bit of exposed brick?). Despite a strong independent coffee house presence around Berwick Street market, Foxcroft and Ginger has certainly made its mark with a winning combo of low-hanging lamps, industrial piping and rather hip upholstery, and seems to be buzzing with writers/workers/indulgent postgrads throughout the day.

If you’re more interested in the food than the aesthetics, don’t worry – Foxcroft and Ginger are onto a winner with their cake selection. Izzy’s coffee and walnut cake (see Instagram) and my toasted (!) banana bread were both excellent choices, although I couldn’t help feeling that their more high-end cakes – at £4 each – were slightly over-priced. Whether you’re a fruit fan, chocolate lover or partial to a patisserie, there’s something for everyone – and if you head up to the counter thinking ‘I’m trying to be healthy, I’ll just have a herbal tea’, good luck with that.

With a larger dining area downstairs, Foxcroft and Ginger is also the perfect place for a spot of brunch, cheeky sourdough pizza or a delicious-looking salad. Their brunch menu is jam-packed with mouth-watering options: all kinds of eggs, French toast, gnocchi (on a brunch menu, mindblowing), spiced poached fruit, granola … who knew brunch could be so extensive.

For some pretty great (but maybe a tad over-priced) cakes and super edgy exposed industrial piping, head down to Soho’s Foxcroft and Ginger for a guaranteed enjoyable experience. The staff are really friendly, the coffee is served in ridiculously cute decorated china cups and there’s no this blend/that blend/don’tyouknowanythingaboutcoffee nonsense.

Berwick Street Market, 3 Berwick Street, W1F 0DR
Helen Schnabel