Herman Ze German

Herman Ze German

Cachin and Queenie find authentic and affordable German sausages in London

Must-try: Ze Wilde Bock Roll, Currywurst
Price: £
Good for: Catch up with friends, quick lunch
Overall: 4.5/5

Situated just across from student favourite Icco’s on Charlotte Street, this new chain of Herman ze German is here to impress. The rustic interior design is perfect for casual gatherings. There are neon lights declaring that ‘our Wurst is ze best’, humourous signs, and black and white photographs from the owner’s hometown.


Ze Wilde Bock Roll (Bockwurst)

This signature dish consists of a successful blend of textures and flavours. The main focus of the dish is the bockwurst, which is a smoked pork sausage. The bockwurst is wrapped in a bouncy baguette-like bun and covered in a rich curry sauce. Instead of over-empowering it, the curry compliments the slightly salty and smoky taste of the bockwurst extremely well. For the finishing touches, the sausage is drizzled with mayonnaise and topped with crunchy onions.

We would definitely recommend putting on as many crunchy onions as you can – the good thing is they’re free! Instead of contrasting each other, the different flavours weave together and creates exciting layers of taste. At the affordable price of £5.95, this dish (which also comes with perfectly crunchy fries) is definitely value for money – although it is full of spices and ingredients, it leaves you feeling satisfied, not bloated.

Bratwurst and Salad

For those of you going for a lighter option, this would be the best pick. The bratwurst, which is a sausage combination of pork and veal, tastes milder than the bockwurst but is still flavourful. The grilled sausage is paired with a homemade fresh salad which is covered in a refreshing dressing and topped with delicious strands of carrots and mini apple pieces. You can also add side dishes such as crunchy onions and sauerkraut, which are pickles. The zestiness of the salad and slight sourness of the sauerkraut works well to keep you from feeling too heavy.


Currywurst (Bockwurst)

The Currywurst is a bestseller at Herman ze German and we can see why. The chopped up bockwurst was covered with an overflowing special mixture of tomato and curry sauce.You can even choose the spiciness of the curry! This dish was full of flavour, the sauce adding sweet and spice to the smoky bockwurst and the perfect dip when served with their really good fries. Probably one of the best hangover foods out there and definitely a good reward after a long day at the library.


All the wursts are perfectly complemented by their huge selection of beer and German soda.  The homemade unfiltered lager is quite light, but has that satisfying bitter aftertaste. We were pleasantly surprised by the orange and kola flavoured and the melon one; both much more refreshing and less sweet than usual sodas.

There is nothing not to like: portions are generous, prices are affordable, and there is even a bar downstairs. All their wursts are gluten and lactose free and made by a family butcher in Black Forest and shipped over to the UK, so this is the real deal.

All image credits: Queenie Chen


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