I tried McDonalds around the world, and here are my top 6

I tried McDonalds around the world, and here are my top 6

Sarrah Jasmin takes us on a gastronomical journey across the world from McDonalds to McDonalds.

Despite documentaries showing the detrimental health effects of a McDonalds-only diet, as well as a general consensus that their meals contain insane amounts of fat, sodium and sugar, McDonalds still serves over 70 million customers a day – and increasing. With approximately 37,000 restaurants around the world, I decided to try the McDonalds menu in different countries, to see how they compared to the McDonalds I grew up with in London and Canada. There was a clear number 1 spot for what I consider the best McDonalds menu in the world, with 5 awesome runner-up’s.

  1. Hong Kong

With McDonalds Hong Kong having spiced curly fries – that was already a clear top 10. Not to mention the “Prosperity burger” found in a few Asian countries, but here they do it in 3 different meats, to suit everyone. I tried the chicken one and it was better than any McDonalds chicken burger I’ve ever had!

 5. Sweden 

Sweden nabs 5th place purely because McDonalds is nicknamed “Donken”. It’s been used so much in Sweden, that even McDonalds themselves call it that too! The food also tastes better quality for some strange reason and actually feels healthy… not sure how the Swedes managed that.

  1. USA

Grabbing fourth place, is McDonalds’ home country, where it all began, in the USA! This Houston branch is pretty cool, as its themed NASA. But the menu in the USA is unbeatable, with extra large portions compared to the rest of the world and a massive variety. Still going strong on its home turf.

  1. Italy

Having tried McDonalds in both Venice and Milan, I’ve got to say the Italians do it better. They have everything from a Nutella burger, to chocolate covered fries, and my favorite thing on the menu – spinach and ricotta deep fried something. It was amazing. So third place goes to Italy!

  1. Singapore

Singapore nabs 2nd place with its occasional movie-themed menus. Last year the minions themed menu featured “yellow everything” including minion shaped potatoes! As well as the awesome menus, they are also one of the only countries to do spicy chicken nuggets which taste similar to Popeyes spicy tenders. Its. So. Good.

  1. Switzerland

With over 20 different types of McCafe hot drinks (basically 20 different types of coffees and lattes), Switzerland comes in first place with its ‘boujee’ McDonalds. To be honest, it feels more like a fancy restaurant inside most of them, with their huge circular tables and comfy sofa-like seats. Their unique burgers, some of which have frankfurters inside them, are also delicious. Oh, and they also have 6 different variants of the same salad.

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