Keep It Simple, Keep It Real: New-Wave Mexican Food Arrives in Dalston

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real: New-Wave Mexican Food Arrives in Dalston

Connie and Lucia explore the philosophy behind London’s trendiest taco bar.

Halfway through the buzzing and eclectic Kingsland High Street, a neon-lit bar holds the secret to a better life: a laid-back attitude and heavenly, honest Mexican food. Started as a series of summer pop ups, Del74 opened in Dalston last November and it is already causing sensation. Not your usual Mexican place, Del74 is a taco bar that serves “honest Mexican food made with love” in a casual setting. The philosophy of Del74’s co-founders Enrique Vivas and Jorge Felizardo, who met through their travels around the world, is to keep it simple and keep it real. With its intimate atmosphere, effervescent music and spontaneous ambience, Del74 is the go-to place for everyone: whether you are a Mexican foodie, a margarita connoisseur, or someone simply looking for a relaxed evening getaway.

The vibrancy of NYC combined with the colourful glow of Mexico does not go a miss in this lively hangout, where full flavours and an animated ambience harmonise, indicating the owners’ evident zest for life.

When it comes to eating, you could be forgiven for diving straight into Del74’s modest, but real and simple, menu. The paper card – where you can personally tick your own order – leaves no room for ambiguity, boasting some of Mexico’s classic plates with a tasty twist. Nachos for my little bro JFK, inspired by the owners’ love for The Big Apple is pure heaven on a plate, the chicken wings with a chile morita sauce add the little spice you need to your life and the quesadillas are the epitome of comfort-food – good enough to melt your heart, as well as all the cheese! Del74 also caters for the plant-based population – all their veggie dishes also being vegan – or for those who simply fancy a twist to their favourite Mexican dish: the cauliflower crackling tacos are simply divine and an ingenious addition to an often heavily meat-oriented cuisine.

Dinner and drinks are free to mix and match at this destination. An intelligent idea and one which is filling a definite hole in London’s culinary market; where else can you go to watch your friends dine on a Mexican feast, whilst you comfortably chillax sipping on your cucumber margarita?… You can thank us later.

Margaritas are served classic, frozen, or by the jug; and if you’re feeling a bit daring, you can swap your tequila for some traditional Mexican Mezcal. And, as the best things in life are (almost) free, Del74 has incredible deals on Taco Tuesday and during their daily happy hour (5-7pm), a fusion of fun and vibrant flavours is bound to brighten your week.

So, keep it simple, keep it real. Whether you are looking for a sit-down meal, a couple of drinks with friends, space for a celebration or just want a break from deadlines and academic pressure: Del74 is the unforgettable, chilli-spiced, tequila-flavoured experience away from the London craze that you simply cannot miss.

Check out Del74 for yourself.

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