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Helen has moved to Camden!

Instagram appeal: 7/10
Lucy is pretty photogenic so that probably helped.
Edginess: 8/10
It’s no Shoreditch but Leyas definitely has its fair share of hipsters.
Good For:
Ridiculously good brownies, work (and laptop space) and charming atmosphere.
Most Likely to Meet:
UCL students with Macs, edgy freelancers with Macs and business-y people with Macs.
Affordability: 6/10
Not too pricey, but definitely not dirt cheap.

After weeks of whining about the commute, spending every waking minute scrolling through dodgy ads on and taking advantage of the free food/heating/electricity at home (thanks Mum and Dad), I have finally made the transition from the rough streets of Surrey to the Big Smoke. Having broadcasted my accommodation woes to pretty much every single person I know (apologies), I thought it would only be right for my first #forgoodnesscakes post of 2015 to be based in my new endz – Camden.

Lucy – a high-flying grad at Deloitte whilst I write the occasional essay and blog about cake – accompanied me to Leyas (on Camden High Street) on my quest to check out the local coffee and cake. Filled with edgy wooden tables and chairs, super comfy leather sofas and an array of unusual desk lamps, Leyas is the perfect place for a catch-up coffee, business meeting or study (Facebook) session.

Not only is their coffee pretty damn good – Lucy went for a cappuccino whilst I opted for a flat white – but their selection of homemade sandwiches, salads, brunch dishes and cakes is enough to scupper any and every January detox. If you’re a chocolate fan, definitely try the mouth-watering sea-salted caramel brownie or the chocolate and mandarin cake (it’s gluten-free and full of vitamin c, so a) it’s definitely good for you and b) it’s definitely worthy of a smug January #cleaneating instagram).

Having visited Leyas pretty much every day since my discovery with Lucy, I can now confirm that the prosciutto and mozzarella ciabatta, pecan granola and seasonal soup are all solid breakfast/brunch/lunch options that aren’t too pricey on a student budget. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere is chilled yet buzzing and the fact that Articulate (among other board games) is available to play at your leisure makes Leyas an instant winner. Whether you’re after somewhere for coffee with friends/parents/a date (omg) or some form of essay hideaway, hit up Leyas for a guaranteed great experience.

Helen Schnabel