Old but gold – Patty&Bun’s reinvention of the conventional burger

Old but gold – Patty&Bun’s reinvention of the conventional burger

Lucia and Connie explore one of London’s most famous burger chains

Welcome to the hustle and bustle of Fitzrovia, a Central London location where foodies rejoice. Home to a top class collection of both independent and high-street restaurants lining the narrow streets, and new additions popping up constantly, it’s never a chore to choose the perfect lunch spot.

In our quest to find the ultimate student deal, the quirkiest venue and the tastiest food, we set on an eight-minute walk from the main UCL campus to finally pay a visit to one of London’s most raved-about burger chains: Patty&Bun.

The Goodge Street branch of P&B entices its customers with its eye-catching neon sign and student-friendly lunchtime deals: only a fiver for the burger of the day = a definitely pleasing sight for sore (library-induced) eyes. The rustic interior, cork tables and exposed walls create a somewhat attractive atmosphere- especially in an Instagrammer’s eyes and feed. However the venue is very small, and its too-close-for-comfort size and club-like music may leave you wishing you had taken your Patty&Bun to go.

The burgers, albeit served plateless and wrapped in paper, are mouthwateringly delicious. The chain’s understated yet diversified menu really does appeal to everyone. Moving beyond the commonplace cheeseburger, Patty&Bun up their burger game to a whole new level, using unconventional toppings such as pickled aubergine, tarragon mayo, chilli sobrassada relish and lamb patties. Alongside its unusual ingredients, naming the burgers ‘Labshank Redemption’ ‘Jose Jose’ or ‘Smokey Robinson’ definitely makes the menu very appealing for those adventurous foodies who still wish to hold on to the comfort they find in a burger. The Pat Butcher monthly special received a real life LOL from me (Connie), although I fear the Eastenders reference may be lost on the many tourists and international students who frequent this infamous burger joint.


Unfortunately, if you’re vegan, then you’ll probably have to survive on a small side order of rosemary fries and cucumber-infused water. Nevertheless, the veggie option is a definite must-try: a burger-sized breaded portobello mushroom, topped with cheese sauce, coleslaw and garlic parsley butter is a culinary delight, and the fact that you can turn pretty much any meat burger veggie – by swapping the meat patty fo a fried cheese fritter, is an appealing addition to P&B’s repertoire.

Patty&Bun’s prices beyond the £5 burger of the day are not highly prohibitive, but also not really adapted to a student budget (their burgers ranging from £8.50 to £9, excluding fries). That said, if you do value originality of taste, they are more than worth the price.

The hectic setting and casual atmosphere might not make Patty&Bun the ideal place for an extended meal or a fancy date; however, if you have a few extra pounds to spare, and are looking for a quick bite and fancy a burger, then Patty&Bun is definitely one to add to your must-visit list.

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