Ozone Coffee Roastery

Ozone Coffee Roastery

Christmas cheer found in Shoreditch

Instagram appeal: 6/10
Good lighting, but taking a selfie in public is always risky.
Edginess: 9/10
Just a two minute walk from Shoreditch High Street, Ozone is brimming with beanies and Vintage denim jackets.
Good for:
Brunch with a friend.
Most Likely To Meet:
Hipsters and wannabe hipsters.
Affordability: 3/10
Probably not doable on a student budget, but worth the one-off visit.

Since the best day of the year (Christmas) is only just around the corner and every single London shop/café/market has been blasting out Christmas anthems since mid-October, I decided to update my iPhone with festive tunes and head to Ozone Coffee Roastery, by Old Street station, to try their famous ‘Christmas brew’.

Okay so it’s pretty much common knowledge that Shoreditch is really cool and edgy (what my dad would call ‘up and coming’), and you practically have to be dressed head-to-toe in Vintage to be allowed to exit Old Street station – which is why I felt slightly out of my place in my White Stuff knitted jumper and Next boots (I’ll be donning a pair of Nike Air Max next time).

Despite feeling extremely uncool, I was actually a big fan of Ozone Coffee Roastery. Located just a two minute walk from Old Street, Ozone offers all-day brunch, some delicious looking lunch dishes, specialist (posh) coffee and a selection of yummy cakes. With its minimalist silver and black décor, extensive coffee menu and extremely experienced baristas, Ozone has certainly made its mark on the Shoreditch coffee scene – customers flock to Ozone throughout the day for its buzzing but laid-back atmosphere.

The ‘Christmas brew’ – a ‘pour-over’ (I have no idea either) coffee consisting of festive flavours – was pretty delicious. Considering I could taste hints of mulled wine, cinnamon and Christmas pudding (a winning combo), I was definitely a happy bunny. Surrounded by jars of holly on the tables, tasteful Christmas decorations, and people in Vintage (of course) Christmas jumpers, I was feeling particularly merry – Ozone is definitely worth visiting for a festive caffeine-hit.

If you’re in the area this Christmas, Ozone is a good shout for some not-too-in-your-face festive fun. Although the ‘Christmas brew’ costs an extortionate £3.50, the chilled atmosphere and delicious looking brunch/lunch (the kitchen is in the middle, with the food prepared on show) make for a worthwhile visit. It also helps when the waitress forgets to charge you for a chocolate chip cookie, what a shame.

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