She’s a Barbie Girl, Living in a 21st Century World

She’s a Barbie Girl, Living in a 21st Century World

Connie Coles-Garrad uncovers the Love Wins movement’s most recent advocate

Having been the subject of much controversy since her birth in 1959, it hasn’t always been an easy ride for Barbie. Designed with a highly disproportionate body and bleach blonde waves, the globally beloved figurine was indeed living in a fantasy world.

However, 2016 saw a valid attempt to aid Barbie’s entry into the real world, when Mattel decided to diversify its range of dolls with the aim of promoting a healthy and realistic self-image. By embracing different ethnicities and body shapes, including the first ever hijab-wearing doll, Barbie was hoped to be more inclusive, allowing every girl to find a Barbie to which they could relate.

To further celebrate the doll’s newfound diversity, Barbie has recently made a statement which has been received with much applause.

Pictured on Instagram, Barbie is wearing a love wins t-shirt, in collaboration with fashion blogger Aimee Song.  The pro-marriage equality slogan was featured on a collection of shirts produced by Song herself. The t-shirts were released for Pride month in order to raise money for The Trevor Project, a non-profit organisation working to prevent LGBTQ youth suicide.

With more than 41,000 likes, the Instagram post has hit the social media platform like a storm, many Instagram users congratulating the doll on her progressive stance on a globally controversial topic. Furthermore, Mattel have since released a statement confirming that Barbie is in fact an “inclusive brand that celebrates diversity, kindness and acceptance”.

So, big cheers to Barbie for coming out of her bubble and entering the 21st Century, in support of such an important equality issue. And maybe – at the age of almost 59 – she is able to have much more of a positive influence than we first thought…


Featured images: @barbiestyle on Instagram


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