The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon

Charlotte Liu gives you 5 reasons to love Mormon

You’re bound to have seen the iconic red buses parading The Book of Mormon advertisements around central London. Created by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez, and the winner of 9 Tony awards, this musical descended on the West End in 2012 and has received a rapturous response ever since. Here are 5 reasons it is a must-see:

  1. You’ll Laugh at the Absurd Story

Follow two Mormon missionaries on their journey to Uganda with a plan to change the world forever. The devout Elder Price is perfectly juxtaposed with the clueless Elder Cunningham, which makes it all the funnier when disaster strikes from the get go. They realise the mammoth task ahead in dealing with the warlord’s brutality, remedying the almighty failure of their predecessors and engaging the impoverished villagers. The comedy that ensues will have you shaking with mirth!

  1. You’ll Start Singing Along

Hello! is the punchy opener – not from the other side, but from the Mormons knocking on doors to share the secret to eternal life. It’s rare to find a musical with a faultless soundtrack, but this one comes close. The music is catchy and lyrics are clever. Probably most memorable is Baptise Me, a song laced with innuendos as Elder Cunningham moves in on his first girl. Tomorrow is a Latter Day finishes the show with a bang, including a reprise of Hello! and delightful twist on the amazing book.

  1. You’ll be Enthralled by the Cast

Nic Rouleau plays the earnest Elder Price complete with flashy smile, toothy grin and wide-eyed wonder at the prospect of helping the whole human race. Meanwhile, Brian Sears captures the development of Elder Cunningham from socially awkward disappointment of the family to controversial but successful prophet. My favourite was Alexia Khadime who stuns in her role as Nabulungi and sings a powerful rendition of Sal Tlay Ka Siti.

  1. You’ll Admire the Staging and Scriptwriting

The set may not feature a barricade nor ABC school gates, but it does get into full swing for Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, complete with flames licking away at demons clad in elaborate costumes. The script is also a craft in itself. It ventures provocatively into adult themes of religion, race and war-ravaged Uganda, but weaves in wit, humour and popular culture references for a high-spirited musical.

  1. You’ll Understand why it’s Worth the Hype

Reviews so far have proclaimed the show to be seriously inspired, brilliantly executed and the funniest in town. I say they are all spot on. Go prepared for a bit (or lots) of crude humour and satire, and enjoy a thoroughly entertaining time at the theatre. It’s only January, but already I think those were the most hysterical two hours of my year!

The Book of Mormon is on at The Prince of Wales Theatre

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Charlotte Liu