Leadership Election 2018: Results

Leadership Election 2018: Results

The results from the Union’s Leadership Election 2018 were announced in an event which took place this evening, Thursday 8th March, at the Wolfson Study Room

Following two weeks of campaigning, and a week of voting, the results of this election were announced by Union Chair Bilal Aziz.

In addition to determining who would take over the roles of full-time and part-time officers, the election was also used as an opportunity for societies to elect their future President and Treasurer, though many societies chose to opt out of this decision.

This election saw votes cast from 6,763 students, 15.6% of the UCL student population. This is a 43% increase from the 4,729 students who voted in last year’s election. However, this figure also included individuals who voted for society roles, so it is unclear whether this implies an increase in election engagement. The results of the second cycle of online elections were not announced at the event. Society presidents will receive their respective results, by email, later this evening.

Pi Media recently published an article detailing predictions for the full-time officers, determined by the societies which endorsed each candidate. Except for the role of Postgraduate Students’ Officer, for which the candidates did not list endorsements on their election posters, all our predictions were correct. This was part of a further investigation into union representation.

Here are the results from the Leadership Election 2018 for the full-time officer positions, along with the number of votes received by each candidate, and the round within which they were elected. RON refers to ‘re-open Nominations’, and voting numbers that are not whole occur due to disciplinary action.

Full-Time Union Officers 2018/19: 

Activities Officer

Khaleel Mirza – 1,832 votes (1st Round)


Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer

Samira Abdalla – 1,108 votes (1st Round)


Democracy, Operations and Community Officer

Mahmudur Rahman – 1,717 votes (1st Round)


Education Officer

Farooq Dean – 1,808 votes (1st Round)


Postgraduate Students’ Officer

Saddiqur Rahman – 675.45 votes (1st Round)


Welfare & International Officer

Rothna Akhtar – 1,569.4 votes (1st Round)


Women’s Officer

Abeni Adeyemi – 680 votes (3rd Round)



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